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"Quienes aseguran que es imposible no deberían interrumpir a quienes estamos intentándolo.” Thomas Alva Edison.


Cantina Restaurante San Marcial

+34 619 45 08 90

carretera GI 3453 Irun, Guipúzcoa provincia, España

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un milagro

eye lo descubrió en septiembre de 2009

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

es quien más ha ido (1)

Hay enclaves míticos, y la ermita de san marcial es uno de ellos, dominando la bahía de txingudi y con vistas desde Biarritz hasta san sebastian por la costa y con las imponentes peñas de Aia a su espalda...
Ahí han abierto este sitio milagroso, pues milagro es una carta como las de antes una cocina de tu abuela con un punto perfecto y unos precios de antes del euro casi...en fin, bacalao ajoarriero delicioso, piparras fritas sublimes, arroz con leche para llorar de emocion...un fichaje como hacia tiempo,claro de la mano de los dueños de Solbes, tiendas dealimemtacion selectas de Irún y Hondarribia

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Dons le Nature

+81 3-3563-4129

, DonsKawai Building B1F, 1-7-6 Ginza,Chuo-ko, Tokyo

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best world meat?

eye lo descubrió en abril de 2014

“The assignment came from my boss in London, to seek out and eat the best steak in Tokyo. Tough assignment from Chowzter, but Shinji and I were up to the challenge. We were surprised when we called Dons de la Nature and got in within a few days. Seems that this restaurant is not yet on everyone’s radar.

The restaurant is located in an unassuming basement on the main Chuo Dori street in the Ginza shopping district. Walking into the corridor leading to the elevator we feel as though we are in the wrong spot, until we spot the window filled with wine bottles and the name of the restaurant. We arrive and the okami-san (female manager overlooking the front of the house) is very friendly and down to earth. She takes our jackets and brings us to our table.

This evening there are only two options of steak, a filet from Yonezawa in Yamagata and a sirloin from Saga. The sirloin is highly marbled and has more fat than meat. The filet, while meaty, still has a nice amount of shimofuri, the white fat that is flecked throughout the meat. The steak is cut into 400-gram portions and cooked in one piece before it is cut and shared, so couples must agree on the same cut. The sirloin looked too fatty so we agreed on the filet.
Saga sirloin on top and Yonezawa filet on the bottom
While the interior is tired and service is casual, the cuisine on the plate is taken very seriously. Chef Otsuka trained as a French chef and it is reflected in his carefully assembled salad topped with fresh crab legs, Japanese tiger prawn, and salmon. The consommé is classically made and I quickly forget about the environs and focus on the food.

The steaks start at about 30,000 JPY each ($300 USD) which is shared between two people. That is before soup and salad. There is also a course menu which starts at 21,000 JPY per person. We took wine by the glass but there is also a long list to choose from of mostly French wines.The raising of kuroge wagyū (black-haired Japanese cattle) in Japan is very different from what you’ll find outside of Japan. The cows are grass-fed the first eight months of their lives. Each farmer selects the feed he believes to be best for the wagyū, such as soybeans or corn or straw. The last four months of their lives the cows are not fed straw anymore. We asked chef Otsuka if it is true that wagyū are fed beer and he said some places do, but that it is actually quite rare. But, he did confirm that wagyū are massaged daily. This is what helps to give the beef the shimofuri marbling that it is so famous for.

Chef Otsuka came to our table and talked about how he selects his wagyū. He only picks the best that he finds at the wholesale market so his inventory is constantly changing. He has no preferences or loyalties to any region, but will pick what is the best that day at the market.

The wagyū is first dry-aged for one month, increasing the natural umami in the meat. The second month it is wet-aged. At this point the fat in the meat turns into amino acids, adding even more umami to the meat. The aging is all done in-house.

Chef Otsuka could see that we were so curious about our dinner as we peppered him with questions and he generously invited us into his kitchen. The meat is skewered and then cooked in a kiln that was custom built for the sole purpose of grilling the meat with intense heat. The charcoal used at Dons de la Nature is made from Kinshu binchotan. Binchotan is a charcoal made from a Japanese oak tree. And, while many places may say that they use binchotan for grilling, the best quality binchotan is said to come from Kinshu, and the stock is very limited. Some binchotan is not even Japanese. We were told the binchotan can bring the oven to a temperature of upwards of 800 to 1000 degrees Centigrade.
Chef Otsuka seasons the wagyū with salt and pepper, skewers the steak, and then puts it into the kiln over the binchotan. He then closes the kiln and listens for the sound of the fat in the wagyū melting and falling onto the hot binchotan. The charcoal then starts to smoke, adding another layer of flavor to the steak. An Argentinian chef friend of mine recently told me about the seven ways to cook meat in Argentina and one of the methods was in a similar kiln. I wonder if this is where chef Otsuka came up with the idea.

The recommended serving for the steak is medium rare. The outside is just seared in the middle is still red. The steak is presented whole and then is cut at the table into two pieces for each person.

The steak is incredibly rich in umami. The contrast in texture from the crispy seared outside to the tender, rare inside is a treat. As the steak is marbled with fat it almost melts in your mouth. After my first bite “oh my God” came out of my mouth. I didn’t realize it until I heard the okami-san laughing. It was, hands down, the best steak I have ever had in my life.

In speaking with chef Otsuka after our meal he said what makes his steaks so unique is the searing in the custom-made kiln. Otsuka explained that most restaurants cook steak in a pan over a gas heater and that the sauté pan can only get up to about 250 degrees Centigrade. He also said that as wagyū is so fatty that when it is cooked in a pan that it is cooking in its own fat. And, that the searing directly over charcoals is the method that he thinks is ideal for Japanese beef.

This is what makes his steak the best in Tokyo, if not the best in the world.”

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Sushiya Aoyama

Plaza sa Drassaneta 13 Ibiza, Ibiza (isla), España

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eye lo descubrió en octubre de 2013

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

Pocos japoneses asombran en España una vez has vuelto de un viaje a Japón.
Y pocos sitios tan japos, auténticos, honrados, graciosos, directos, francos, sabrosos, amables, agradables, terraceros, como esta joya en una Ibiza siempre más centrada en dar de comer que en dar calidad.
Estamos ante una revelación, un japón espléndido, un japonés que da "liebre por gato", suculento, una extraña mezcla en pleno paraíso balear que conmueve por su verdad.


Y con una carta de sakes (como me gusta el sake frio....) de lo más interesante, justa y perfecta.

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Rosalía Martínez (Piti)

welcome to the jungle!

hace 6 meses

1111 lincoln road

download KMZ ADDRESS Lincoln Road 1111 Miami Beach Florida 33139 United States Miami, Estados Unidos

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eye lo descubrió en noviembre de 2012

Herzog & de Meuron’s 11111 project recently opened on the west end of the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall. It’s a shocking structure — large, raw, and unfinished looking (there is some ongoing construction on the top levels, but the basic appearance is as it will be). The architects were able to pull variances, convincing government officials that the size of the building was determined by aesthetic reasons, but an effort to maximize capacity. And indeed, several of the levels are soaringly high, while others have the cramped height of a standard parking garage.

The building is “mixed use,” though the majority of it is open and designated for parking (currently $15 flat rate, and well utilized). The “its a garage” mindset may explain how this project was sold to planners and citizens, since there is precedent on South Beach for unusual garages (and anyway there is a pretty universal agreement that parking garages should be ugly). But I suspect that many residents are horrified by it, and this makes it all the more delicious.

The core of the building is a completely unconventional staircase, with every level blending into the next, attached with concrete stairs that jut in chaotic directions. Generally the details do not play up the under-construction thing, but do note the safety-mesh like steel wire on the railings (it is actually very high-quality braided wire).

Most of the retail is on the ground floor, with one solitary (and unfinished) location on the 5th floor. There is also some residential space on the top floors, but this is still under construction and probably off limits for good. The horizontal cables that make up the guard rails are set back a foot or two from the ledges, and they tend to disappear, creating spectacular vistas.

The lighting and other metal details are stridently mimimal, and most of the signage is painted onto the building in oversize Helvetica. The whole thing comes across as a monument against design-by-committee.

A view from the rose-colored windows of the movie theater across the mall. One of the best aspects of the project is Herzog & de Meuron’s transformation of the pedestrian area for a block or two around the project. They brough in black and white stone and created a slightly irregular surface, with landscaping inspired by the Everglades.

There is probably more going on with the planters then is immediately obvious, they are almost an exhibit recreating what’s happening 25 miles to the west.

I’m pretty sure they actually went out there and hand-picked the trees.

… replete with air plants. They are using some sort of cloth rope to hold them up while they root, not the standard 2×4 treatment.

The building is cleverly integrated into the bank structure next door, with a row of retail on one side, and crafty connections on several levels.

It’s difficult to convey how much the structure dominates the road. It certainly looms over the pretty movie theater, but in a way that I found pretty complimentary.

Here’s the view from the Publix parking garage, about a third of a mile away.

One more look inside at those angular staircases. Here on the second level there’s also a sculpture of angular metal, suggesting that all the supporting rebar in the building is like this.

I don’t know how the residents feel, but the people walking around and inside the garage seemed pretty engaged and impressed. People admired the pedestrian details, and there was some walking around and photographing inside the structure.

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Neptune Oyster

+1 617-742-3474

63 Salem St # 1 Boston, Estados Unidos

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ostras tres, por favor

eye lo descubrió en marzo de 2009

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

hay sitios, momentos en los viajes de los que te acuerdas toda la vida, que te vienen a la memoria una y otra vez, una y ostra vez, y ostra por favor, y ostra mas...y ostras tres...todo lo vas apuntando en una hojita con una lista de tipos de ostras con sus notas de cata, esta muy salada y final mineral, estas son cremosas...y unas almejas crudas como puños, que barbaridad...sencillamente espectaculares...fue ayer y cuando pienso en boston se me aparece esta barra, esta formula este templo del molusco crudo del atun, del agua salada...
nunca pasaré por boston sin rendir homenaje a neptuno, un templo,

y estan todavia mejorers las ostras, incluso de postre me pusieron unas ostras pequeñitas dulcísimas maravillosas!
un espectaculo

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Restaurante Kasino

+34 948 63 71 52

de lo mejor de 2014

Plaza Vieja 23 Lesaka, Navarra , España

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la mejor tortilla de 11870 por lo menos...

eye lo descubrió en octubre de 2007

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

un check-in aquí

Pero es que nadie la ha probado todavía?
Sigue sin rivales
una tortilla mítica‚ en el valle del bidasoa. Tortilla Navarra‚ tres huevos por comensal‚ patatas‚ cebolla y un poco de pimiento verde. Se cuaja envuelta como una tortilla francesa cruda y jugosa por dentro. sublime

Emplea 5 patatas kennebec del propio pueblo‚ que tras pelar‚ conserva en un balde con agua. Justo antes de que empiece hacerlas‚ las corta fina e irregularmente a cuchillo. Antes pela dos cebollas‚ que pica muy finamente y trocea tres pimientos verdes. Pone una sartén grande y de culo grueso a fuego medio-vivo con abundante aceite de oliva Carbonell 0‚4 grados.
Cuando empieza a tomar calor‚ añade las patatas‚ cebollas y pimientos‚ que se dejan hacer cubiertos por la grasa durante quince minutos. Deben quedar en su punto‚ ni cocidas ni fritas‚ ni muy ni poco hechas. Sacar y dejar escurrir completamente el aceite.

Esta base se prepara para varias tortillas y se emplea según las piden los clientes. Cuando así sucede‚ se echa el conjunto correspondiente a cuatro personas en la sartén‚ con un poco del aceite que ha quedado tras escurrir en la fuente. Se sala en ese instante y no antes ni después‚ dejando repartido a fuego vivo.

Mientras se calienta‚ se baten 16 huevos de gallina de corral‚ 4 por comensal‚ sin llegar a que queden esponjosos‚ sino líquidos. Se incorporan directamente a la sartén‚ donde tenemos las patatas con la cebolla y pimientos‚ se remueve constantemente‚ como si fuese un revuelto.

Cuando ha cuajado un lado‚ Josefina hace un juego de muñeca con la sartén en la mano‚ sacando la tortilla con forma ovalada sobre la fuente a la manera de una crepe enroscada. Por tanto‚ solo se hace por un lado‚ que al servir queda en la zona superior‚ tomando forma ovalada‚ de francesa. La parte que no se hizo queda oculta. Gigante‚ gorda‚ jugosísima y muy gustosa con toques mínimos de cebolla y pimiento verde.

1999: José Manuel Crespo‚ El Manjar (A Coruña).
2000: Ciri González‚ La Encina (Palencia).
2001: Josefina Sagardia‚ Kasino (Lesaka‚ Navarra).
2002: Ciri González‚ La Encina (Palencia).
2003: Carmen Castelo‚ Mesón O'Bo (A Coruña).
2004: Bibiana Cardona Montoya‚ Las Cinco Puertas (Pontevedra).
2005: Cesi Cabello‚ Mesón Patio Martín (Simancas‚ Valladolid).
2006: Casimiro Calleja “El Urogallo”‚ de Cosgalla (Cantabria).

como veis‚ SYLCAR no aparece...como no podiía ser de otro modo...

si vais desde Donosti o vas hacia allí, id por la montaña y veis en Agiña una escultura de Oteiza en un collado lleno de cromlechs, estaciones megaliticas, en un paisaje impresionante

7 julio san fermin 2011
Uf, hoy me acordé de ella...mmmm
update 4 junio 2009
Andoni Luis Adúriz (MUGARITZ) recomienda esta tortilla
aqui se consumen 1.000 huevos por semana. Y es que su famosa y premiadísima tortilla navarra lleva nada menos que 11 huevos (¡para tres personas!). Josefina corta varias patatas a trozos irregulares, pimiento verde y cebolla. Los fríe sin prisas, añade el huevo, poco batido, remueve para que cuaje y hace la tortilla sólo por un lado, de modo que cuando está acabada la vuelca en una bandeja alargada, como si se tratara de una gran tortilla a la francesa. Es difícil que en el estómago quepa algo más que una ensalada. Para entusiastas de la tortilla de patatas.

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888 quenn st E Toronto, Canadá

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what a fish store and food store SHOULD be

eye lo descubrió en marzo de 2014

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

We are Kristin and Dan Donovan, married with children (Joey and Ned). Hooked opened in March 2011 in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto. Why here for our first store? We have lived here for over 10 years, have been a part of its evolution and just plain love it.

Hooked in the Kensington Market neighbourhood of Toronto opened in October 2012. Why here for our second shop? Kensington is a diverse, vibrant, engaged and evolving area that made perfect sense for a store like ours.

We are chefs first - professional cooks (we met while studying at the Stratford Chefs School). We and our team have years of experience with food as cooks, chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, wine educators and culinary teachers - and we love seafood!

Hooked is a different fish store.

For a number of years, Kristin and I have been part of a shift in the chef community that is bypassing the traditional supply chain and buying directly from producers. It is both quality choice and a need to clarify where our food comes from; how it was handled and why. We are proud to deal personally with our local fish farmers and Great Lakes fishers, know exactly where our fish was caught, how and when. We handle all of our own freight to ensure that we have control of our fish from the moment the boat arrives at the dock, both on Western and Eastern shores.

What does all of this mean to you, our customer?

1. We carry only fish and shellfish from clean waters, healthy stocks, that have been caught using methods which do no harm to other species or to the surrounding environment. Our farmed fish is carefully vetted: slow growth rates, low population densities, no hormones or antibiotics.
2. Our fish arrives to the shop fresh out of water. As we use no distributor, there is no delay between the processor and our door. Fish is seasonal: our frozen fish is caught, cleaned and blast frozen within hours out of water, ensuring the best possible product year round.
3. We and our amazing staff are here to help. We offer expertise, insight and direction on how to select and then cook the fish you purchase. We have a selection of marinades and sauces developed and made by us to elevate your meal to 'wow'.
4. We have incorporated a teaching kitchen into the store, offering a variety of affordable and informative classes to guide and empower our customers. We also offer private events and instruction, geared to fun, information and cooking technique.

Since opening, we have been fortunate to connect and develop strong relationships with focused organizations including Slow Food, Slow Fish, OceanWise, Ecology Action Centre, George Brown College, SeaChoice and the Evergreen Brickworks.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring a world of thoughtfully selected seafood together.

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Mad Mexican

Jane Street,361-393 Toronto, Canadá

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mad nice

eye lo descubrió en febrero de 2014

'me gusta' 'me gusta'

Mad Mexican joined the burgeoning Baby Point food scene recently with surprisingly little fanfare. They're yet to host their grand opening and lacking a liquor license, but already offering an incredible range of authentic Mexican snacks and sandwiches.

After enjoying huge success with a range of guacamole and salsas that are now available in over 120 stores across the GTA, owner Jose Hadad decided to open his own site. Upon graduating from culinary studies at George Brown, Jose began making dips for his friends, who persuaded him to try selling them at St Lawrence Market. One sale led to another, until demand had risen to the point of necessitating a dedicated storefront.

Operating as both a store and a restaurant, with glass doors looking into the production kitchen for Hadad's mini empire, he's made available the full range of products, alongside a series of dishes to enjoy on site. Hadad's no newcomer to the service game, already operating the successful Frida restaurant at Eglinton and Allen.

Each dish showcases a little of what the store is selling, with his Chunky Guacamole ($8) using their well-known guacamole with house-made tortilla chips, and an árbol-garlic oil drizzled over the top. It's a huge portion for $8, and easily puts the taco heavyweights in Toronto to shame. The guac is also seriously chunky, with a nice sharp bite from the lime.

Tacos come in at a competitive $3.50 per piece, with each taco coming with all three of a range of salsas: pico de gallo, salsa verde, and salsa morita. We tried the carnitas, served Michoacan style, with slow braised pork topped with onions and coriander. Next up was the D.F. style Barbacoa featuring amazingly tender spiced lamb, which worked really well with the smoked jalapeno notes of the salsa morita.

The Guerrero-style fish taco comprised grilled cod with the pico de gallo and a Nappa cabbage slaw. The tortillas are all made in-house, and held up wonderfully. They're more moist and supple than La Tortilleria and a little bigger in size too.

The tortillas also make their way into an excellent tortilla soup ($7), with a tomato, pasilla chili & chicken broth, huge chunks of avocado, onion and Oaxaca cheese topped with thinly sliced strips of those tortillas. Again, it's seriously huge, and could easily suffice as a lunch option by itself.

The La Revolucion tortas sandwich ($12) is the most expensive item on the menu. With a crushed black bean paste, Oaxaca cheese, onions, fresh avocado, chorizo and grilled sirloin stuffed into a light Portuguese-style bun, it's easily the best option to pick up for takeout and was filling as well as delicious.

Whilst there's no booze just yet, Mad Mexican is easily worth a visit. It's hard not to opt for a cheeky taco or two whilst ordering a bag of tortilla chips ($3.50/$4.50) or dip. It's only open from 11am-8pm for now, but one hopes that once that license is in place, you should be able to stop in a bit later. For now, you may have to make do with using it as an excellent lunch stop, or a place to pick up supplies on your way to a party.

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nonsolocaffé - Auténtico Ristorante Italiano

+34 915 33 61 08

-30% descuento en carta reservar mesa

de lo mejor de 2014

Calle de Ríos Rosas 52 <m> Alonso Cano 7 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 147 personas

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little big italy

Silvano es un italiano de raza, del norte, frenético, currante, inquieto, que hace magia con su diminuto local.

Los que somos del barrio solo queremos que crezca, que abra un local más grande, que emprenda, que emprenda, porque es como un volcán de ideas, una máquina, fiel reflejo de la densidad de genianidad del norte de italia.

Ayer nos invitan a unos cuantos foodies desde 11870 a probar lo que ya conozco, lo que ya suscribo, lo que ya respeto.

Y claro, Silvano y sus colaboradores se vuelcan, arrastran con franqueza, solo dan lo mejor de si mismos, lo hacen como mejor saben, son de verdad, frontales.

Y "nos pusimos como el quico"...tremendos, suculentos, contrastados y en su punto unos raviolis de repetir, un rissoto de arándanos goloso y de cremosidad impecable al que le falta quizá un contrapunto, una trucha con setas que me sorprendió gratamente, un arrosto de vitelo fantástico, con una falsa lasagna de patata como para hacer de ella un plato en si mismo....

en fin, que tenemos una joyita donde quizá, desde mi punto de vista de arquitecto, lo que más limita a Silvano, lo que más necesita ahora, es un local más generoso donde revienten y exploten todos las energías de este Silvano singular.
Viva Italia!

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Sukiyabashi Jiro

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座4−2−15 Chūō, Japón

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eye lo descubrió en febrero de 2013

'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos' 'me encanta, uno de mis favoritos'

Tsukamoto Sogyo Building, Basement 1st Floor,2-15, Ginza 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan Map→
Phone: 03-3535-3600 (+81-3-3535-3600 from abroad)
Sundays, public holidays, Saturday evenings, mid-August, and Year-end holidays

Lunch 11:30-14:00
Dinner 17:30-20:30

For reservations, call: 03-3535-3600 (+81-3-3535-3600 from abroad)

Reservations for Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten (original store) can be made by the concierge of hotel.

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¿has visto el documental "Jiro dreams of sushi"? es maravilloso!

2 de febrero de 2013


de hecho me he sacado un billete para tokyo nada más terminar de verlo!! y voy a Jiro!!

3 de febrero de 2013


O_o joooooder qué envidia!!!! te va a costar más jiro que el billete de avión!!!

4 de febrero de 2013


Gracias por la explicación de ayer. Acabo de ver el trailer y es una pasada. ¡Estoy deseando ver la película! Un saludo

hace 10 meses