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Originally from Canada, I have lived in Spain since 1992 (moved to Sevilla in 1993). A couple of years ago I started a blog about tapas in Sevilla.


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Taberna de Pasos Largos

+34 633 72 17 94

Feria 117 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en enero de 2013

This taberna, named after the last of the bandits who roamed the Ronda mountain range, specialises in Iberian pork from the same region. There are old photos and news reports of Pasos Largos (aka José Mingolla Gallardo 1873-1934) on the walls, and the bar’s decor is reminiscent of a typical tavern of that time, but with a clever use of the classic straw window blinds (esterones) which here slide across the floor-to-ceiling windows on frames instead of being rolled up.

There’s comfortable seating on either side of the long bar, but I prefer being perched on a bar stool where I can check out the cooking action in the open kitchen. Tapas range from 2.40 – 4.70 euros, but you can’t complain about a generous portion of perfectly grilled beef loin and foie gras, or secreto Ibérico, for 3.95€ (gastrobars take note!). And I have also found my new favourite carrillada here – exquisite. ALSO the very best – and possibly the only twice-fried – chips in town.

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+34 954 21 50 26

Javier Lasso de la Vega, 1 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en noviembre de 2011

está OK

Since opening less than a year ago there have been a lot of changes at PaCatar, including a change of chef (Miguel Diáz , formerly of Gastromium now heads the kitchen) and a second location with a terrace across the street in Plaza San Andrés. The tapas are still tasty, and the wine list remains solid, though prices seem to have gone up. One very unwelcome addition is a 1€ per person “cubierto” charge, which truly has no place in a tapas bar. A stone’s throw from Metropol Parasol, Pa Catar will probably continue to do well, but things are feeling more “corporate” a bit less adventurous there these days.


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Nikkei Bar

Calatrava 30 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en mayo de 2012

me gusta

Nikkei Bar is all rustic-chic with mis-matched chairs and brightly painted tables. The staff are very friendly and welcoming – no attitude here – and the menu is quite adventurous. Try the patatas rotas salad with octopus and the pachamanca with duck confit and potato purée. I will definintely be back to try their wok dishes. Also check out the menú del día – exceptional value at 9.90€.

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La Brunilda

+34 954 22 04 81

Calle Galera, 5 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en mayo de 2012

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

In a word, delightful. Chef Diego Caminos (formerly with Zelai) has branched out on his own and, along with his oenologist wife Esperanza and his sister Paula, has created La Brunilda, one of the best new tapas bars in town. On the chalkboard menu you will find an enticing selection of traditional tapas with a twist, without the pretention and high prices that have become the norm at many of the new “gastrobars”. A charming and cosy ambiance in a beautifully renovated 18th century house, with great attentive service and amazing food, including tapas-sized salads (why aren’t more people doing this?). Do yourself a favour and go!

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Avanti con la Guaracha

+34 675 07 24 57

Peris Mencheta, 42 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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review coming soon!

azahar lo descubrió en marzo de 2012

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El Rincon

Guardamino 2 (plaza Alfalfa) Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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Great little neighbourhood bar!

azahar lo descubrió en febrero de 2012

me gusta

This lively little neighbourhood bar has been going strong for about thirty years, serving up generous portions of typical Andalusian fare. Lots of fritos here, expertly done. Also some serious looking serranitos and flamenquines, which we didn’t try (but will be back). I’ll also be back for the spinach croquetas and perfectly grilled secreto Ibérico. The bar inside is tiny, and would maybe fit a dozen people in a pinch. But the spacious terraza (which I somehow forgot to photograph – duh) is fabulous. If you want terrific food, decent wine and friendly service at very reasonable prices then check out El Rincon.


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La Madraza

+34 954 90 81 88

Calle Peris Mencheta 21 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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Do yourself a favour and don't go!

para no volver

I’ve been asked more times than I can remember… “You haven’t been to La Madraza???”. As if I were missing out on some sort of culinery nirvana. So I finally made it over there yesterday with a friend. And I really wish I hadn’t. Walking in I thought I was making a mistake, but then remembered that sometimes the most shabby of places can turn out the best tasting tapas (though to be honest, this seldom happens in the city anymore). So my friend and I ordered in hope that the food would make up for the tawdry atmosphere of a place that had perhaps been hip fifteen years ago but hadn’t painted or otherwise made any improvements since then. It wasn’t DIRTY exactly, but it gave off the feeling that it was. Ick.

I can’t remember the last time I had more lacklustre food. The “quiche” was a dense muddy slab of tasteless spinach in soggy pastry, topped with a sad bit of goat cheese. The tuna fajita might as well have been chicken and the beef ribs were dry and arrived cold. Last up were the carrilladas (stewed pig’s cheeks) which we needed a knife to cut through… slow roasted cheeks should fall apart at the touch of a fork. Even if these tapas had been cheap (they weren’t at 3-4 euros each) it wouldn’t have made up for how terribly disappointing they were. Nor would it have made up for the haphazard service. This is a place that has seriously seen its day, and that day is long gone. Don’t waste your time or money.


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Simún Vintage

+34 655 99 53 49

Calle San Felipe 11 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en enero de 2012

It was a day of firsts. Today Simún Vintage opened in Santa Catalina (it’s original location in El Juncal is no more) and my foodie friends Ana, Jorge and I were the first customers! It was also the first time I’ve visited a restaurant in the first week of opening (let alone the first hour) and found things running smoothly, both in the kitchen and out on the floor.

Simún Vintage is a charming spot just off a main road near the “real” centre of town, Plaza Encarnación. It has a short and stylish selection of tapas and raciones written on chalkboard menus. I will definitely be back for the “ropa vieja” and grilled presa on wok-fried rice noodles, and especially the grilled squid with ink and ajo blanco. A nice selection of wines by the glass, though a bit pricey. But definitely looking forward to future visits.


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El Rincon De La Buhaira

- cerrado

Calle José De La Cámara 3 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en octubre de 2008

Traditional Andalusian cooking and – I am told – one of the best in the neighbourhood of Nervion. The tapas are a bit more adventurous than what appears on the dining room menu, though there are several “off the menu” items listed every day (but it would help to write them down rather than reel off a verbal list of 8 or more items!). The service is efficient and friendly, with a good wine list.


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Las Golondrinas

+34 954 33 82 35

Pages del Corro 76 Sevilla, Sevilla provincia, España

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azahar lo descubrió en enero de 2012

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

This second location of the very popular Las Golondrinas opened in 2007, just around the corner from the original Triana location.

It has a more modern look to it and is also a bit bigger, with an upstairs mezzanine dining area serving raciones, which is more utilitarian than charming. There is also a small section of tables downstairs for tapas, but the best location is sitting or standing at the bar, and the food is just as fabulous as at the original Golondrinas. A very good selection of wines and most tapas are between 2 – 2.50 €, which is excellent value. And yes, you really must try the radishes.


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