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"Quienes aseguran que es imposible no deberían interrumpir a quienes estamos intentándolo.” Thomas Alva Edison.


Sushiya Aoyama

Plaza sa Drassaneta 13 Ibiza, Ibiza (isla), España

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eye lo descubrió en octubre de 2013

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Pocos japoneses asombran en España una vez has vuelto de un viaje a Japón.
Y pocos sitios tan japos, auténticos, honrados, graciosos, directos, francos, sabrosos, amables, agradables, terraceros, como esta joya en una Ibiza siempre más centrada en dar de comer que en dar calidad.
Estamos ante una revelación, un japón espléndido, un japonés que da "liebre por gato", suculento, una extraña mezcla en pleno paraíso balear que conmueve por su verdad.


Y con una carta de sakes (como me gusta el sake frio....) de lo más interesante, justa y perfecta.

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Rosalía Martínez (Piti)

welcome to the jungle!

10 de octubre de 2013

rose and sons big crow

Dupont Street,176 Toronto, Canadá

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hipster hipster must

eye lo descubrió en enero de 2014

me gusta

From blogto
Big Crow is the new backyard BBQ joint from Anthony Rose that opened recently behind his still-newish first restaurant, Rose and Sons on Dupont.

The outdoor hall, encircled by trees features long rows of communal picnic tables that extend back towards the shipping crate-made kitchen where heavenly thick smoke billows from the custom pit and is fanned into the yard. It's a perfectly laid back kind of place where passing plates around the table and eating with your hands is not just encouraged but almost necessary.

The menu lists starters, little and big crow plates, sides, and desserts. Everything is conducive to sharing and even cocktails by the pitcher can be ordered for the table. I stop in over lunch hour on a recent blazing, hot afternoon and was thankful for the shade provided by the tented canopy.

The headliners at this daily cookout — helmed by executive chef, Christopher Sanderson — are likely the baby back ribs ($26/slab) or grilled lobsters ($36/1.5lb), but for lunch I try out a couple of the smaller plates starting with Porchetta Sausage ($13). The peppery, circular coil of meat is served over a slice of Thuet bread and balanced by a sweet, red pepper condiment. While a simple dish, it's exceptionally tasty.

The Swordfish ($14) steak with fresh salsa is grilled perfectly so that it's firm but juicy. This one is topped with a mango and red onion salsa that's best slopped up by the single slice of bread supplied... if only there was more bread.

Dessert is campy in all the right ways with ice cream sandwiches ($6) loaded onto brioche buns. I try the S'mores assembled from thick cut slabs of Chapman's vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, crushed graham crackers and toasted marshmallows on top. Picking it up is out of the question; the eggy bun ends up absorbing the ice cream as it melts turning it into a delicious pudding.

As mentioned above, cocktails from Churchill star bartender, Quenton Fortune, are available by the pitcher ($24-26) or glass ($9-12). I try the house punch which today is a refreshing blend of; strawberry purée, limeade and gin, though it'll be switched up frequently and can be done alcohol free. Local brews like Beau's Lugtread Ale and Kensington's Watermelon Wheat are available on tap, along with select bottles and wines.

Big Crow is looking into weatherizing for year-round feasting. Currently the mess hall can seat about fifty at a time and opens for dinner early in the week at 5pm and then for lunch at 11am from Thursday to Sunday. Nightly, they're open until whenever. Limited reservations are accepted but walk-ins are encouraged. If you do find yourself waiting, there's standing tables upfront so you can get started on some cocktails and at least feel like you've already arrived.

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Mad Mexican

Jane Street,361-393 Toronto, Canadá

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mad nice

eye lo descubrió en febrero de 2014

me gusta

Mad Mexican joined the burgeoning Baby Point food scene recently with surprisingly little fanfare. They're yet to host their grand opening and lacking a liquor license, but already offering an incredible range of authentic Mexican snacks and sandwiches.

After enjoying huge success with a range of guacamole and salsas that are now available in over 120 stores across the GTA, owner Jose Hadad decided to open his own site. Upon graduating from culinary studies at George Brown, Jose began making dips for his friends, who persuaded him to try selling them at St Lawrence Market. One sale led to another, until demand had risen to the point of necessitating a dedicated storefront.

Operating as both a store and a restaurant, with glass doors looking into the production kitchen for Hadad's mini empire, he's made available the full range of products, alongside a series of dishes to enjoy on site. Hadad's no newcomer to the service game, already operating the successful Frida restaurant at Eglinton and Allen.

Each dish showcases a little of what the store is selling, with his Chunky Guacamole ($8) using their well-known guacamole with house-made tortilla chips, and an árbol-garlic oil drizzled over the top. It's a huge portion for $8, and easily puts the taco heavyweights in Toronto to shame. The guac is also seriously chunky, with a nice sharp bite from the lime.

Tacos come in at a competitive $3.50 per piece, with each taco coming with all three of a range of salsas: pico de gallo, salsa verde, and salsa morita. We tried the carnitas, served Michoacan style, with slow braised pork topped with onions and coriander. Next up was the D.F. style Barbacoa featuring amazingly tender spiced lamb, which worked really well with the smoked jalapeno notes of the salsa morita.

The Guerrero-style fish taco comprised grilled cod with the pico de gallo and a Nappa cabbage slaw. The tortillas are all made in-house, and held up wonderfully. They're more moist and supple than La Tortilleria and a little bigger in size too.

The tortillas also make their way into an excellent tortilla soup ($7), with a tomato, pasilla chili & chicken broth, huge chunks of avocado, onion and Oaxaca cheese topped with thinly sliced strips of those tortillas. Again, it's seriously huge, and could easily suffice as a lunch option by itself.

The La Revolucion tortas sandwich ($12) is the most expensive item on the menu. With a crushed black bean paste, Oaxaca cheese, onions, fresh avocado, chorizo and grilled sirloin stuffed into a light Portuguese-style bun, it's easily the best option to pick up for takeout and was filling as well as delicious.

Whilst there's no booze just yet, Mad Mexican is easily worth a visit. It's hard not to opt for a cheeky taco or two whilst ordering a bag of tortilla chips ($3.50/$4.50) or dip. It's only open from 11am-8pm for now, but one hopes that once that license is in place, you should be able to stop in a bit later. For now, you may have to make do with using it as an excellent lunch stop, or a place to pick up supplies on your way to a party.

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sin fotos + añadir


888 quenn st E Toronto, Canadá

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what a fish store and food store SHOULD be

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me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

We are Kristin and Dan Donovan, married with children (Joey and Ned). Hooked opened in March 2011 in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto. Why here for our first store? We have lived here for over 10 years, have been a part of its evolution and just plain love it.

Hooked in the Kensington Market neighbourhood of Toronto opened in October 2012. Why here for our second shop? Kensington is a diverse, vibrant, engaged and evolving area that made perfect sense for a store like ours.

We are chefs first - professional cooks (we met while studying at the Stratford Chefs School). We and our team have years of experience with food as cooks, chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, wine educators and culinary teachers - and we love seafood!

Hooked is a different fish store.

For a number of years, Kristin and I have been part of a shift in the chef community that is bypassing the traditional supply chain and buying directly from producers. It is both quality choice and a need to clarify where our food comes from; how it was handled and why. We are proud to deal personally with our local fish farmers and Great Lakes fishers, know exactly where our fish was caught, how and when. We handle all of our own freight to ensure that we have control of our fish from the moment the boat arrives at the dock, both on Western and Eastern shores.

What does all of this mean to you, our customer?

1. We carry only fish and shellfish from clean waters, healthy stocks, that have been caught using methods which do no harm to other species or to the surrounding environment. Our farmed fish is carefully vetted: slow growth rates, low population densities, no hormones or antibiotics.
2. Our fish arrives to the shop fresh out of water. As we use no distributor, there is no delay between the processor and our door. Fish is seasonal: our frozen fish is caught, cleaned and blast frozen within hours out of water, ensuring the best possible product year round.
3. We and our amazing staff are here to help. We offer expertise, insight and direction on how to select and then cook the fish you purchase. We have a selection of marinades and sauces developed and made by us to elevate your meal to 'wow'.
4. We have incorporated a teaching kitchen into the store, offering a variety of affordable and informative classes to guide and empower our customers. We also offer private events and instruction, geared to fun, information and cooking technique.

Since opening, we have been fortunate to connect and develop strong relationships with focused organizations including Slow Food, Slow Fish, OceanWise, Ecology Action Centre, George Brown College, SeaChoice and the Evergreen Brickworks.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring a world of thoughtfully selected seafood together.

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Neptune Oyster

+1 617-742-3474

63 Salem St # 1 Boston, Estados Unidos

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ostras tres, por favor

eye lo descubrió en marzo de 2009

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

hay sitios, momentos en los viajes de los que te acuerdas toda la vida, que te vienen a la memoria una y otra vez, una y ostra vez, y ostra por favor, y ostra mas...y ostras tres...todo lo vas apuntando en una hojita con una lista de tipos de ostras con sus notas de cata, esta muy salada y final mineral, estas son cremosas...y unas almejas crudas como puños, que barbaridad...sencillamente espectaculares...fue ayer y cuando pienso en boston se me aparece esta barra, esta formula este templo del molusco crudo del atun, del agua salada...
nunca pasaré por boston sin rendir homenaje a neptuno, un templo,

y estan todavia mejorers las ostras, incluso de postre me pusieron unas ostras pequeñitas dulcísimas maravillosas!
un espectaculo

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Bar Bergara

+34 943 27 50 26

Calle del General Artetxe 8 San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa provincia, España

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el mejor

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Actualizado marzo 2013
Una pena, un desastre el arreglo del local...ha perdido personalidad y lo nuevo está hecho sin talento ninguno...
Pero el bocadillo de tortilla de antxoas....dios mio...lo traen recién hecho, con pan recién mojando el jugo tortilloso cremoso caliente que te quemas pero corre que no puedes parar de quemarte morirte gritar de gusto no hay nada igual nada comparable y obligatorio para todos el cielo debe estar lleno de tortillas de antxoa bergaras...

sin duda el mejor de donosti‚ y he recorrido unos cuantos desde hace años.
está en gros pero merece la pena. Julio Medem es asiduo.
he vuelto a estar hace unos dias y casi lloro de emoción...pedi un modesto bocadillo de tortilla de anchoas...anchoas fritas deshechas jugosas en el huevo en pan crujiente empapandose, caliente que quemaba pero no podía parar, que perfección, que maravilla, sencillamente sublime!!!!!

pedid, pedid este bocadillo...y lo contais aqui

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Nomé Izakaya

4848 Yonge St Toronto, Canadá

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Very good

eye lo descubrió en octubre de 2013

me gusta

a kind if tabern bar restaurant japan american oyster bar with nice food, nice people, nice oyster and nice ambient
Hours: Tue - Sat: 5:00p - 2:00a Sun: 5:00p - 12:00a

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Punk Bach

- cerrado

Paseo de la Castellana 74 <m> Gregorio Marañón 7 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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moda en carta fuera de modas

está OK

carta de tradición con platos sabrosos pero sin arrebatar...que te gusta más por los recuerdos de infancia que por la perfección todavía, aunque habrá que darle un margen.
Burrata de escándalo, pura mantequilla de gula con ensalada tontorrona alrededor...alcachofas muy ricas, tomate aliñado bueno pero anulado por el maldito exceso de ajo....si el tomate es excelso, que no conseguí saberlo...¡el tomate no necesita ajo!...arroz negro algo gomoso y caro para el molusco y cefalópodo escasito que le da nombre.

La decoración... bueno...se nota en exceso la tendencia incontinente de los decoradores (donde esté un arquitecto...) de llenar y llenar...ya quisiera parecerse a un local de NY...se nota falso y confuso...aunque dará el pego a ojos inexpertos...

La carta de vinos ordenada por bodegas...un acierto en mi opinión para aprender de otra manera.

El tamaño de las mesas demencialmente pequeñas.

Y el servicio, aunque inexperto (será por ser agosto?) muy muy amable!

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daiwa sushi

〒104-0045 東京都中央区築地5−2−1 Chūō, Japón

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pegado al mercado...el sushi mas fresco

eye lo descubrió en febrero de 2013

me gusta

For the world's freshest sushi, look no further than the world's largest fish market. Tokyo's Central Wholesale Market, also known as the Tsukiji Fish Market, handles roughly 3,000 tons—and more than 450 varieties—of fish a day. Early morning is prime time to taste the fish fresh off the boat, plane, or train. There are two sushi counters that are considered not just the market's top spots but among the best in all of Tokyo: Sushi-Dai is more widely known than Daiwa Sushi, but you can't go wrong at either sardine-size place, assuming you're willing to wait the better part of an hour in line. Everything from anago to uni is lovingly sliced and served straight to you, piece by delicate piece, from the counterman's chopsticks. It's a boisterous, jammed spot at the counter for some of the tastiest, freshest fish you will ever eat in your life

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Izu Photo Museum

347-1 Clematis no Oka, Higashino, Nagaizumi-cho, Shizuoka 411-0931 Japan, Nagaizumi-cho

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museo y arquitectura

eye lo descubrió en enero de 2013

me gusta


The Izu Photo Museum is part of the Clematis no Oka, a beautiful complex that combines art and nature at the slow pace of the hills of mount Takayama. It is a very understated yet beautiful building where every detail has been designed with the light touch of an intrinsically Japanese manner. The building feels like a journey, a story told through a series of spaces, and gardens that interlink naturally, unpretentiously , allowing the exhibition to talk to the visitor without interruption. The subtlety of details contributes to the overall experience. The display walls, for instance, appear suspended, as supporting structure is painted in black and the white boards do not not touch the floor which lowers its edge as a contribution to the overall effect. The gardens act as pauses in the journey. They are windows to places one wants to stop and contemplate, reminiscent of those photographies that Hiroshi Sugimoto took at the New York Natural History Museum.

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