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general store

41 Gage St, Shop H, New Central Mansions, 2851 8144 Hong Kong, China

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eye lo descubrió en noviembre de 2011

from timeout.com

Close your eyes and picture Gage Street. There’s a queue outside Lan Fong Yuen with tourists scrambling for the vendor’s famous cup of tea. And there’re hawkers shouting next to pig carcasses and dying fish. Yes, there’s general commotion. But if you stroll down the slope towards Aberdeen Street, the hustle and bustle slowly dissipates into something… completely different. It all begins with a vintage motorcycle adorning a shop façade. Welcome to the super-cool General Store.

This neighbourhood-style boutique is every bit the antithesis of the blandness which its name suggests. It’s a shop that sells antiques and furniture from the 20th century American and European periods. Cool shoppers associate trendy and hip with the Noho area, and you would expect General Store to be there. So why is it on Gage Street instead, where 99 percent of shoppers are housewives trying to haggle down a $5 cucumber?

“Gage Street is the place where we feel like it represents the real Hong Kong. Some might hate the wet market but we just love the mix of culture [here]”, says Shelly Hayashi, owner of the General Store. Coming from a fashion background, Hayashi started a wholesale fashion business which she still runs. And the same taste for beauty now goes into her new boutique, showcasing the style of furniture that she loves.

This is definitely a place full of gems. From the modernist Danish designer Hans Wegner’s vintage sewing table to the 15th anniversary edition of the Fritz Hansen’s egg and the actual rendering work from Edward Wormley, you will be forgiven for mistaking this boutique as a small museum. “This store is a celebration of design. If people buy pieces from us, it shows they appreciate our taste and it all means a lot to me,” adds Hayashi.

Other than the designer pieces, the store also stocks small goods like the vintage hook ($350), rusty keys ($30), out-of-print books, art prints and photography to add finishing touches to your home. Interior design services are also available. Hayashi says: “A home can be made more human with the addition of one or two key pieces like this.” Cathy Chan


This shop can transform your home to make it resemble a Mad Men set. 1960 to 70s Bauhaus furniture comes mainly from Europe and the prices for cabinets, tables, sideboards and retro chairs are available on request (expect a price tag of more than $2,000 for a chair). A funky range of random collectibles such as Chinese propaganda memorabilia, vintage musical instruments and decorative figurines can also be found.
4 Sun St, Wan Chai, 2549 8800.

2nd Chance
Husband-and-wife duo Richard and Mavis opened 2nd Chance five years ago after finding it impossible to buy affordable furniture which isn’t made of cheap material. The company now buys unwanted furniture from home owners as well as shops that are closing down.
The 10,000sq ft showroom, with an additional 8,000sq ft of storage space, is choc-a-bloc with furniture that is either new (“You’ll be surprised how many people order furniture that can’t even fit through their front doors. Some of those mistakes end up here,” says Richard) or good quality second-hand furnishings.
Most of the furniture on offer is made of hard wood, and used goods are repaired and refurnished on-site. Some of them are even upcycled: a 30-year-old television cabinet is about to be transformed into a small bar on the day of our visit. And if you wish for your own purchases here to be upcycled, 2nd Chance can customise them for you too.
Prices for single beds start from $900, going all the way up to a queen-size bed complete with a Sealy mattress for just under $12,000. There are the sorts of Chinese dining table sets you see on Hollywood Road (from around $1,500), bedside cabinets from $400, as well as sideboards and bookshelves. Decorative pieces such as qing hua ci urns ($280), rugs, candle holders and lamps are available.
Unit 14, 2/F, Kin Fat Industrial Centre, 13 Kin Fat St, Tuen Mun, 2496 1222; 2ndchance.com.hk. Open 11am-7pm, closed Wed.

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De kameleon

Nieuwstraat 50- 52 4461 CH, Goes the Netherlands Goes, Países Bajos

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timothy oulton

Paseo Castellana 85 <m> Nuevos Ministerios 6 8 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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muebles vintage e industriales

eye lo descubrió en octubre de 2011

está OK

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cen city

Annie Westlandstraat 7-1, LEEUWARDEN, 8923BC, NETHERLANDS Leeuwarden, Países Bajos

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me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

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The Antiques Garage

+1 212-243-5343

112 W 25th Street (6th & 7th) New York, Estados Unidos

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un mercadillo repleto de joyitas

eye lo descubrió en febrero de 2008

ojo! creo que solo es FINES DE SEMANA
como vayas despistado, te lo pasas...casi no se ve desde la calle
estuve el año pasado y compre ropa de bebé 60´s de lino tipo jaqueline kennedy alucinante, he vuelto este año y compré unas joyas de baquelita francesas espectaculares...nada mas y nada menos que de Lea Stein...
mucha cartelería, tipografía, grafica americana de la buena.
lleno de cosas, volveré

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Phillips de Pury & Company

450 Park Ave. New York, Estados Unidos

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eye lo descubrió en julio de 2011

me gusta

Casa de subastas que ahora abre tienda con muebles hechos por talentosos diseñadores

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Screaming Mimis

+1 212-677-6464

392 Lafayette Street New York, Estados Unidos

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vintage de lujo

eye lo descubrió en diciembre de 2007

recomendado por dolce & gabana en una entrevista

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