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toma burger addiction

712 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 Toronto, Canadá

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good burgers

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toronto school of art

980 Dufferin Street, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON, M6H 4B4 Toronto, Canadá

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Arctic Kingdom Inc.

923 Federal Rd. #6117 Iqaluit, Canadá

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Arctic Kingdom provides equipment and outfitting services for logistically demanding expeditions for tourism, companies, filmmakers and scientists. Since 1999, we have led over 20 significant expeditions which have generated over 30 feature articles in magazines around the world and television shows viewed by over 30 million. We have worked with National Geographic, BBC, NDR, OLN, Ushuaia/TF1 and on a multi-year cinema movie in progress. We have led expeditions to Lancaster Sound and the Northwest Passage, the Foxe Basin, Hudson Bay and outfitted projects to Greenland and Alaska. Our expeditions have been rated as one of the “Top 25″ by Explore Magazine in Canada for three years in a row. We are the world’s only expedition company to be recognized by both PADI and TDI as a 5-Star Facility and are a corporate member of Nunavut Tourism and the Diver’s Alert Network.
Our Vision
There is an Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life. To that end, we feel that your trip to the Arctic should stimulate every sense while providing an experience which transcends more casual travel. We don’t believe in hotel rooms, trail markers, or tundra buggies. Without sacrificing comfort or safety, our trips are a one-of-a-kind, emotionally captivating adventure. All groups are intentionally kept small – just 4-12 people – which allows for direct and personal interaction with one of the most captivating places on earth.
Our Team
Our team members possess decades of experience in field expedition, destination adventuring, and diving. They carry many of the highest international certifications for sport and wilderness first aid and we specifically work with the most senior Inuit guides to provide the greatest extent of safety and trip success.
Take some time to peruse our extensive archive of international publications we’ve had a part in and interviews we’ve given. Our press includes over 30 publications from Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, and France, four magazine covers, and we’ve been voted one of Canada’s top trips three years in a row by Explore Magazine.
Arctic Kingdom is proud to be a part of many professional organizations, just a few of our corporate memberships and recognitions include PADI International Resort Association, recognition as a TODI 5 Star Facility, Nunavut Tourism, and we are a Virtuoso Preferred Tour Operator.
One of the easiest ways to keep up with our latest special offers, news, and trip reports is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Opting out is as easy as opting in, and we never share your information with advertisers or third party companies.
Arctic Kingdom deeply cares for the Arctic landscape and is fully invested in protecting it for future generations to enjoy. We takes conservation efforts very seriously and have adopted a guiding series of conservation principles which we adhere to on all expeditions. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients to some of the very best sites to view wildlife while maintaining all our encounters with animals on their terms and by their approach.

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