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Mies an der Rohe Haus

+49 30/97000618

Oberseestraße 60 Berlín, Alemania

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eye lo descubrió en diciembre de 2009

una de sus primeras obras
Tue-Thu, 13:00-18:00; Sat-Sun, 14:00-18:00

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Maison de Verre

+33 1 45 44 91 21

31, Rue St Guillaume París, Francia

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un obra maestra

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me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Pierre Chareau 1928/32

Interior designer Chareau joined efforts with licensed architect Bernard Bijvoet to design what would be part gynological clinic for Dr. Dalsace and part private residence for the doctor and his wife, Annie. The remarkable Maison de Verre (glass house) was inserted into an existing building and is one of the greatest houses of the International Style, adding materials the movement had never used before in such an extent to create a work of architectural genius -- a structure that is fully functional and fully aesthetic in its simplicity. The steel frame allowed for complete freedom of internal space. The glass block wall itself, is able to stand alone without a heavy frame breaking its pattern. Ventilation through the glass block wall is provided by a series of movable traps. A not-so-complicated weight and pulley system opens the window panels, allowing for natural ventilation. This unique system causes a minimum of visual impact on the glass facade of the structure

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Gropius House

68 Baker Bridge Road Lincoln, Estados Unidos

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primera casa en USA del gran arquitecto, 1939

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The Creator's Words

"When stone is used in a wall, the aim is not to evoke some notion of rock, but to build a clear-cut slab—made of stone because stone is a good and durable and texturally pleasant material,... It should be clear that this is a wall built by a mason, executing drawings with dimensions and a given geometry; it is not a grotto or part of a romantic anachronism.

"The structure is simultaneously developed with the plan. The thinking about form and detail is all part of the same process: the design. I am as much interested in the smallest detail as in the whole structure."

— Marcel Breuer. from Cranston Jones, captions and introduction. Marcel Breuer: Buildings and Projects 1921-1961. p21, 26.

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Sert House

64 Francis Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 Cambridge, Estados Unidos

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