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Cine Doré

+34 913 69 11 25

Calle Santa Isabel, 3 <m> Antón Martín 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Musical Ópera

+34 915 40 16 72

Calle Vergara, 4 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Musical Opera

lorna lo descubrió en marzo de 2008

Three floors full of music books and instruments, well worth checking out.


Paco Aparisi

+34 915 42 98 57

Calle de Torija 5 <m> Santo Domingo 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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My favourite hairdresser´s

The place is great and the hairdresser there knows how to cut hair well! I´ve a bit of a curly mop so I was well impressed that he managed to civilise it. I´ve been in many hairdressers where they pretend to know how to cut hair and then try to tell you it´s some kind of modern style while they rob you blind. That won´t happen here.

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No Sólo Pasta

+34 915 47 42 03

Calle de Santiago 3 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Unusual pizza

lorna lo descubrió en marzo de 2008

This is the place for huevos rotos. I don´t think I´ve ever had better. The pizzas are not your usual ones but they were tasty too!

Killarney Royal Hotel

+353 64 31853

College Street Killarney, Irlanda

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It`s a really old style hotel. Third floor rooms aren´t as good as the first floor ones‚ but they make you think the t.v. and air conditioning is out of place. The air conditioning is really out of place because it was a wet week in kerry when we arrived. The staff are friendly and helpful. It´s a short stroll from the national park which is lovely but mind you don´t get knocked down by horses coming out of it. (the park not the hotel).

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La Mordida

+34 915 47 20 03

Travesía del Conde 4 (esquina calle de Segovia 10) <m> La Latina 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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I just dont know, try it and see.

lorna lo descubrió en enero de 2007

Well now where can i begin, if you like eating at a funfair but without the fun and the fair it´s the place to go. I´m sure the mexicans cook better, interesting murals.

One advantage is that the tables are placed close together so if you are peckish after the hefty meal, you can slyly pick from your neighbour´s dish or pocket.

Another is, well I think it´s one anyway, they have a huge telly there so maybe they show matches, not sure about this, a big telly also means you don´t have to exhaust your mind in conversation. unusual place for dinner, I liked it though, but then again I am unusual.