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John Harvard's Brew House

+1 617-868-3585

33 Dunster St Cambridge, Estados Unidos

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Harvard Square Dinner

Gonzalo Pérez-Prim lo descubrió en septiembre de 2008

It is place which imitates the tipical New England's Brew House. They made their own beer. I recommend the Ale, which is the typical beer style from Boston Are. Similar to irish and British 'Ale's. The burgers are good as well

Not as famous or old as Mr.Brantleys but I have great memories from that place, I used to go very often with my collegues after an important paper or exam. Although, you will not see many undergraduates there, prices are not cheap. On friday's and saturdays the place is full of people.

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Bartley's Burger Cottage

+1 617-354-6559

1246 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Estados Unidos

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Great Burgers at Harvard Yard!!

Gonzalo Pérez-Prim lo descubrió en septiembre de 2008

This was one of my favorites places when I was studying at Harvard. It has one of the best burgers of the Harvard Yard and Cambridge. I strongly recommends it. All they have funny names after politicians, sport or films stars.

Ask also for a chocolate milkshake, they are great!!

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