I've got two love stories in my life: They both are named: Food. Know them? I thought so. Food is the essential ingredient in my life, so let's share stories..

Embajadora de Nexperiences

Goizeko Wellington

+34 915 77 01 38

Calle de Villanueva, 34 <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Beautiful decor

me gusta

An overall good experience with beautifully prepared food accompanied with suitable wines. The sommelier was very professional and helpful in choosing wines. The same goes for the hostess; perfect hostess (friendly, approachable, professional and with a smile on her face constantly). However, the rest of the waiting staff were a bit inpersonal and did not explain the dishes we got served properly. In a place such as this restaurant this is a perceived expectation from my side. Especially because I am very much interested in what I am eating there, here and everywhere.

Regarding the food: The amuse with the potato foam was a very good piece to start off your taste buttons! The lobster salad was light, fresh and well-prepared. I had the sea bass (which was recommended to me) with artichokes, asparagus tips and noisettes. Beautiful!! (and I'm Norwegian(!)). We did not go for any dessert as we wanted to prolong the taste of the great fish.. I would visit this place for the fish, but considering the price level and ambiance; I believe there are other places just as good unfortunately, especially for young people whereas the average age in Goizeko was (this evening though) around 50-80 years. Finally, I had a overall great night with well-prepared fish and GREAT company.

Restaurante Palacio de Cibeles

+34 915 23 14 54

Plaza de Cibeles 2 <m> Banco de España 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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If this marzipan cake would be heaven, I'd die for it

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Restaurant Palacio de Cibeles has the best marzipan cake I've ever encountered. If I'd choose one word: exquisite! Why? The marzipan itself is moist, full of almond-taste (no thanks chemicals) and it has a perfect balance of sweetness. The little cake is roasted in the oven so the top-look is given a texture that reminds me of soft and chewy toffee (my mouth is getting watery just the thinking about it)..and served with a light vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream and blue berries perfectly laid in the vanilla sauce.. I've always been a marzipan-fan and I've tried lots, lots, lots of marzipan in numerous of places/countries (Norway, Germany, Swiss, USA, The Netherlands, Sweden, Danmark and Azerbaijan). This takes the inner-ten. No doubts. Huge compliment to Adolfo Munoz who is definitely my hero of the day!

El Azul de Fúcar

+34 914 29 07 73

Calle Fúcar 5 <m> Antón Martín 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Cute place with personality

está OK

El Azul is located in a relatively busy area not far from Parque Retiro, Gran Via and Lavapies. The place is rather anonymous from the outside, but caught my eye as the decor is clean, simple and cute (white walls, pastel-coloured files in the bar counter and simple "french"-styled furniture). The waiting staff is attentive and humble (perhaps a bit too reserved for working in a restaurant, however, smooth and pleasant). El Azul has two daily menus: 1) Vegetarian €7.90 for three courses (4 options on both starter and main including a wide selection of desserts). The same apply for the non-vegetarian menu. The menu is a fine mix between spanish and International cuisine (hummus, pita bread, smoked salmon, hamburgers and typical spanish soups). We ate the pita bread with smoked salmon and a hamburger with foie gras and chips. The pita bread was an unremarkable dish (not bad not good), however, the hamburger was definitely a juicy, tasty and well portioned lunch item. Thumbs up! Furthermore, the two desserts (cheese cake and carrot cake) both deserves a star in the chef's book as they were fresh and tasteful. Note that it is rare I get a good carrot cake nowadays.. so all compliments to the chef! The clientele is hip and relaxed (everything from well-dressed gay couple to punk-styled musicians hooked on their Ipads). I would recommend this place as a place to visit with your girlfriends for lunch or just some cake and cafe con leche in the afternoon. The menu is, as mentioned above, cheap! Buen provecho!

La Buga del Lobo

+34 915 28 88 38

Calle de Argumosa 11 <m> Lavapiés 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Excellent food

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

La Boca is situated a stone cast away from Lavapies metro station. We've been living in the area for over a month without noticing this hidden pearl. La Boca serves the best Entrecote I've ever had, the staff members are attentive and smiley (they even provide loads of recommendations) AND the wines are brilliant (and yes, even for budget guru's). We had the salad with fruits and the entrecote: both deserves each three stars for 1) Presentation 2) Creativity 3) Giving my taste buttons a real ride(!!). The interior is colourful with homemade paintings and cartoon series on the wall. The furniture of robust wood and the people are in all categories (posh to students). The place itself does not feature any elegance in that sense, so if you go here it's for the urban, cool, hip and trendy feeling. Or.. just because their food is simply f***** amazing! Top score, La Boca: We'll be back next time we're around!

Casa Lucas

+34 913 65 08 04

Calle Cava Baja 30 <m> La Latina 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Great food, but a quick bite

me gusta

Casa Lucas has received great reviews on numerous of Review sites (Yelp, 11870, Tripadvisor) and I totally see why; Good quality food, authentic and attentive staff, medium priced and good location. We ate the third and last "Hot tapas" dish on the menu consisting of pan-fried chicken breast on a bed of caramelised red onion shavings served on a piece of fresh white loaf. The whole tapa was topped with a yellow pure (do not know the ingredients), however, it reminded me of a root vegetable pure with sweet tones. The second course out was a tomato, basil and goat cheese salad generously sprinkled with a tasty and sharp-coloured olive oil (could have added a few sea salt flakes to send me "off the top"). Thirdly, we were served a black good portioned caneloni filled vegetables (carrots) and gambas placed in a thick (and delicious) sauce of cream, seafood stock and poppy seeds (WOW!). The only big, big minus was that the place is small and too popular for its own good.. Meaning the tables in which initially are meant for four are filled-up with five-six-seven making the path line to kitchen/bar for the waiting staff a walking nightmare (and the guests are bumped in the back a few times..). The restaurant does not have desserts. Do not know if it is because they simple do what they can best (the excellent food) or, again; want people to leave once they have eaten to increase the table turnover. Regardless of this; the waiting staff are friendly, experienced and quick. I would recommend the place for a (small) group of friends (not couple) who wants a dinner before hitting the city OR come between 19-21.00 and you will be enjoying the dinner for a longer period. Good luck!


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