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Kate Richardson

Carmelita Deli

780 4th Ave. New York, Estados Unidos

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Delicious Mexican sandwiches that will make you fat

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en agosto de 2009

From the outside Carmelita looks just like any other cheap deli/bodega in New York, but in the back room there is a kitchen, two tables, and a salsa bar. It's a "hole-in-the-wall" in every sense of the expression, and, true to form, it is astonishingly delicious. Their specialty is cemitas, sandwiches that (I think) come from Puebla. The cemitas are about the size of a hamburger and are piled high with your choice of meat (beef, tongue, various pig parts, or especially delicious chorizo), Mexican white cheese, avocados, and various sauces. It is the unholiest of food items and completely addictive. And it's not just the grease/cheese/sauce factor that makes them so alluring; the bread itself is unlike anything I've ever had. It's very soft and kind of spongy and perfect for soaking up the various flavors.

Of the sandwiches I've tried, the chorizo is definitely the best. They also have a quesillo (just cheese) option for vegetarians that is very delicious in its own right.

Carmelita also has soups, tostadas, and, of course, tacos, but the cemitas are the main attraction in my opinion.

The seating is very limited, so most people get their food to go. Cemitas are $6 and they're huuuuge. If you're not that hungry it's definitely big enough to split with someone.

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