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+1 718-218-6050

291 Grand st., Brooklyn, NY 11211 New York, Estados Unidos

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Delicious Venezuelan food II

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en enero de 2009

This is the Brooklyn (Williamsburg) location of the excellent arepas bar in the East Village.

Nice atmosphere and they have what looks like a pretty kickass patio for the warmer months.

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+1 718-417-1118

261 Moore St New York, Estados Unidos

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Gourmet pizza in Bushwick

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en enero de 2009

If you ever find yourself hanging out off of the Morgan L stop, this is a great option for a nice, fancy-ish dinner that's not crazy expensive. It's in kind of a hidden corner of the stark, warehouse-ridden section of East Williamsburg/Bushwick, and from the outside you wouldn't expect such a warm, rustic experience. It's got really warm lighting and wooden bench tables, and is generally a pleasant place to sit down.

The pizza is inching towards expensive (in the $8-$12 range mostly), but is very high quality and the portion size is perfect. They have a ton of great options, and a make-your-own pizza with a long list of toppings, including egg, prosciutto, and smoked mozzarella.

They used to be BYOB, but just got their liquor license so they now serve outrageously overpriced wine. We brought our own bottle and weaseled a $10 "corking fee" which was still about $10 cheaper than their cheapest wine. And from what I remember they have beer for $4.

Besides the ridiculous booze prices it's definitely a recommendable dinner spot.

The New York Times approves: events.nytimes.com/2009/05/27/dining/reviews/27unde.html

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Bushwick Country Club

+1 718-388-2114

618 Grand St New York, Estados Unidos

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Ironic East Williamsburg bar

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en enero de 2009

Even though it's cutely called the "Bushwick" Country Club, this place is really more a part of East Williamsburg. Despite its grating ironic name it's actually a really decent borderline dive bar. They've got several booths and tables, making it a good place to meet up with a group of friends for drinks. $4 draft beers and $5 mixed drinks--on the cheap side of standard. It's dark and grungy but the music isn't too loud and the crowd is really laid back.

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Lovin Cup Cafe The

+1 718-302-1180

93 N 6th St New York, Estados Unidos

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Cheap brunch in Williamsburg

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en enero de 2009

This place just opened up relatively recently and I think they're trying to get business so they've instituted a flat-rate "Broke Ass Brunch" where every item on the brunch menu is $6. They've got several pretty standard but very decent options, including your basic eggs-with-cheese, pancakes, french toast, etc. Most options come with superior tater tots.

It's a cozy, down-to-earth place, but it was pretty dead at 12 on a Sunday, which is usually a pretty busy brunch time, so I'm not sure if it's going to make it. The food was good, though not earth-shattering...but definitely worth $6.

It's also a bar with some pretty fun-looking weekly events, such as $2 PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer) and movie night. Huge whiskey selection.

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The Levee

+1 718-218-8787

212 Berry Street New York, Estados Unidos

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Cheap stop in Williamsburg

Kate Richardson lo descubrió en diciembre de 2008

This is a nice, unpretentious bar in Williamsburg. It's vaguely white trash-themed, but not over the top or silly. They've got a few good drink specials ($4 or $5 for a bottle of beer and a shot of liquor), and a house drink called the Beam & Cream which is Jim Beam whiskey mixed with cream soda--sounds kind of gross but it's actually really tasty, and the one I had was about 2/3 whiskey, so it was definitely worth the $6.50.

Darts, pool, a few tables. The music was decent, the crowd was laid back, especially for the neighborhood. And they serve awesome gross food like Frito Pie (which is Fritos, chili, and cheese).

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