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Restaurante Viridiana

+34 915 23 44 78

Calle de Juan de Mena 14 <m> Banco de España 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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It’s a place to enjoy tasty food, strong flavors, recipes with personality.

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Viridiana (besides a Luis Buñuel movie) is a signature restaurant owned by Abraham García, one of the top Spanish chefs. It’s a classic, more than 30 years offerings his personal cuisine, and you can still find him almost everyday at Viridiana, cooking and chatting with the clients, suggesting the out-of-the-menu daily dishes, making the experience of eating at Viridiana more special, he is quite a character. It’s a place to enjoy tasty food, strong flavors, recipes with personality.

It’s an expensive restaurant, but the quality if the ingredients its really outstanding. Selected products, traditional recipes but with a personal fusion touch that makes the difference. It has 2 floors, I prefer upstairs, is more quiet, and the decoration is less traditional than downstairs, as it is a former cellar.

Try not to order too much as the food is strong, and they always serve some on-the-house appetizers.If you have never been before you have to try the Egg with Boletus and truffle mousse.

The cellar is superb, you can find really espectacular wines here, be careful with the price! :)

You’ll pay around 75€ per person, but it depends a lot on what you order. It worth a visit, at least, once in you life!

You should book before you go.

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+34 918 66 40 30

Calle del Castillo 16 <m> Iglesia 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Excellent quality of the ingredients and innovative recipes done to perfection

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

You are going to enjoy Bacira from the entrance to the table talk. It’s a Mediterranean (with an Asian touch) restaurant, bright and fresh decorated in Chamberi neighborhood.

The secret: excellent quality of the ingredients and innovative recipes done to perfection. The place is so comfortable, the light, the space, you could eat here forever.

They offer a sample menu for 30€, and a daily menu for 14€. If you prefer to choose from the menu you can go for something light and fresh like Ceviche, or a typical Spanish recipe: Egg with bread (migas), potatoes and chorizo (we order half plates to try more dishes).

For main dishes I’ll suggest the Oaxtail meatballs, with mashed potato, it will melt in your mouth! Or you can try the Grilled smoked octopus, incredible soft.
Amazing desserts, so you have to make room for them.

It’s a great place to go with friends, family or your partner, the place will let you have a conversation, and if you go for lunch, the light from the windows will make you feel as good as the amazing food.

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+34 915 70 07 66

Calle Padre Damián, 23 (Hotel NH Eurobuilding) <m> Cuzco 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Absolutely cutting edge, it worth the price.

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

In November 2009, Michelin awarded Diverxo their first Michelin star, in 2011, the second, and in November 2013, the third, and it’s surprising as it’s an atypical restaurant, non-traditional, non-luxury, it´s absolutely cutting edge. They say the food is Mediterranean with Chinese and Japanese influences, but is more than that, it must be extraterrestrial at least. David Muñoz is a genius.

Flavors you have never had before and you have never imagine surprise you bite by bite. You have 2 menus to chose from, the short one with 8 dishes and the long one with 11, and different from table to table depending on your taste, the number of visits… they recommend the short one for the first time.

I didn't take any picture, for 2 reasons, I was really busy delighting myself savoring and guessing every ingredient. The other reason is that I don’t want to spoil, keeping the secret of what you are going to find there increases the pleasure of the experience.

Make a reservation with months in advance, chose your menu, be open minded and enjoy, you will keep talking about it for months (until you get there again).

The menus are 115€ the short menu and 170€ the long menu, per person without wine.

If you want to get an idea of what is Diverxo without waiting to get a reservation and much cheaper, go to Streetxo, the “street-food” version of the main restaurant.

Calle del Pensamiento, 28 (until July 2014)

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+34 915 23 39 05

Calle de la Libertad 21 <m> Chueca 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Good, pretty and cheap

me gusta

Are you looking for a pretty, casual, good price, mediterranean but asian influenced restaurant in Chueca for lunch? Bazaar is perfect! I’d rather lunch than dinner because of the great light Bazaar has due to these huge windows and the white decor. Weekdays they have a fixed menu for 10,50€, but choosing the regular menu you can have lunch for 15€.

Pasta, rice, fish or meat, long Mediterranean menu with an asian twist. I always order the same: Prawn Carpaccio, or Bresaola Carpaccio, they served it with pesto sauce and some bread.

Duck confit with hummus or Chicken curry with sotanghon noddles.

For dessert Biscuit glacé with burnt jijona (it’s a traditional xmas Spanish sweet, turrón)

The food is good, and the price is better, in Spanish we say “Bueno, bonito y barato” (Good, pretty and cheap). Reservations are not allowed.

If you like it you can give a try to the other restaurants they have in the same group, Andilana, but Bazaar is my favorite in Madrid.

Calle de la Libertad, 21

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L'Artisan -furansu kitchen-

+34 914 20 31 72

Calle de Ventura de la Vega, 15 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Original French&Japanese

está OK

French or Japanese? Are you hesitating? You don’t have to make a decision! You can have both at L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen. Side by side but not eye to eye because I couldn’t imagine an Onigiri Foundee or anything like that.

It has two floors, upstairs is more casual, for a quick meal or at lunch time, downstairs is charming, a typical Huertas neighborhood cave, well lit, plenty of space for each table and not too many tables.

The menu is divided in French / Japanese starters, French / Japanese main courses and French / … desserts :)

We had everything to share combining French and Japanese dishes equally, we were four.

The wine was French, of course, and excellent.

We paid 25€ each, I think it’s a great price!

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Kabuki Wellington

+34 915 77 78 77

Calle de Velázquez, 6 (Hotel Wellington) <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Michelin starred restaurant

me gusta

Japanese ikebana at the reception, a large bar and two heights for the tables, nicely decorated but space is not the only highlight, Kabuki Wellington is food oriented.

The menu is a bit long, so you’ll need some time to think what are you going to have, or you can prepare your visit taking a look to the menu in advance on the website (there are some special dishes on the web you can order at the restaurant even though there aren’t on the menu), or be advised by the maitre. You can have traditional Japanese food but but its strength is the fusion, mixing elegantly Spanish and Japanese dishes, as Pan Tumaca Toro Usuzukuri.
They’re obsessed with the best fish, proof of that is the Tuna tartar with ponzu, it melts in your mouth, rich of flavors, no fat at all, delicious.

One of these hidden dishes you can order is Trilogía Kabuki, with 3 of their best choices: Quail egg with truffle nigiri, Wagyu burger with tomato and caramelized onion and Butter fish with chives and truffle egg.
Not only the fish is outstanding, we order carpaccio, the meat was really soft and tasty, after this you can’t go back to the meat you’re used to!
I think I had a crush on Ricardo Sanz at that point. Oriol Balaguer is in charge of the desserts, we ordered Yufu jelly with strawberries and pumpkin seeds, oh my goodness!

It is a bit pricey, we were two, we had a glass of white wine of their amazing cellar and sparkling water, we ordered two Trilogías and a blue tea and the bill was of 160€, but really, really worthy. Thanks to my hostess to for joining me on my first visit that will be unforgettable.

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La Gastro de Chema

+34 913 64 22 63

Calle Barco,7 <m> Gran Via 1 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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The croquettes heaven

me gusta

Croquettes-mania! OMG! What a discovery! La Gastrocroquetería de Chema is the croquettes heaven, you may think croquettes are fine, but just that, you’ll change your mind in this lovely restaurant in Barco street in Madrid. They take the croquette as a category, not just a dish, they show with their recipes a lot of creativity and mastery.

We had Tex Mex croquettes (each tapa includes 2 units, but you can order more), made with guacamole, chicken and jalapeños, you could taste all these flavors. Then Duck and Foie Croquettes (my favorites), Sobrassada and chocolate and Liquid Cheese croquettes on Tomato confit and black olives (I’ve change my mind, these are my favorites).

In order to try other tapas besides croquettes we had this amazing Migas with curry and grapes, and a Shabu shabu of butterfish.

They have also sweet croquettes, so we ordered one of each: cheesecake, chocolate, tiramisu and oreo biscuits, I think the chocolate one and the cheesecake one are the best.

We paid 20€ each with a bottle of wine, so the price it’s as amazing as the croquettes! They also have fixed menus, and Sunday specials, I’m looking forward to try them.

Reservation required.

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- cerrado

Calle Españoleto 10 <m> Bilbao 1 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice quiet delicious place

me gusta

Although Dabbawala stands for “a box person“, people in India who collects freshly cooked food in lunch boxes (“dabba”) from the residences of mostly-suburban office workers, delivering it to their respective workplaces, Dabbawala restoran is not neither an Indian restaurant or a take away restaurant. Pablo Tamargo, the executive director was very kind to explain us the reason of naming the restaurant like this: the effectiveness. And you can confirm it looking at the rhythm in with everything is served in the tables.

Dabbawala menu is based in traditional Spanish ingredients (ham, cheese, bass, tuna, pork, lamb) but creatively cooked. As we arrived to our table we got a complimentary Salmorejo (traditional Spanish summer soup made with bread, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil):

Chef Luca Rodi Figueroa told us the daily specials, and we couldn’t help not order the fried octopus with mash “revolconas” potatoes (with paprika), it was crispy, fresh, spicy and really tasty.

One of the highlights of Dabbawala restaurant is that you can order half dishes, so we could order another one to share. Pumpkin tortellone with scallop and sage butter, amazing.

For main dish you can also ask for half dish, so as we went for dinner we asked for halves. We chose Sea bass with sweet onions and sea urchins romesco, the fish was really fresh, and the sauce really tasty, the Steak tartar, we loved it, especially the fries, as they were homemade.

On another visit we ordered Ají (a peruvian kind of stew) made of organic chicken and poached egg, it`s my favorite.

As we were wise to order half dishes we still had room for dessert, everything looked great, we picked the the Apple tart with green apple sorbet, the pie was really thin.

The decor is a mix between traditional, modern, elegant, intimate, and cozy. You can see great pictures in their website. What we liked more was the lightning, the sound insulation (great for having a good conversation), and the Ambigú (meaning the bar were you can wait for the table having a drink).

We spent 45€ each ordering a red wine bottle.

You can book your table online.

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+34 915 34 75 66

Calle de Modesto Lafuente, 64 <m> Nuevos Ministerios 6 8 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Amazing food

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Chifa is a tiny little restaurant with asiatic techniques but peruvian and latin flavors. It’s a wooden box so the bright open metallic kitchen keeps your attention focused until the food comes. There are only 7 tables and a bar so reservations are mandatory.

Our last visit to Chifa was to celebrate my birthday, I like this place for celebrate. We order an out of the menu starter, it was a Rollito, like a big spring roll made with duck and vegetables but with a different sauce: pico de gallo. It was really delicious, not greasy at all, very fresh and fun to prepare, as they give you scissors to open the roll on the top to pour the sauce inside.

We ordered Empanaditas next, I think it’s the best starter they have, filled with chicken and cuitlacoche (mexican fungus). Impressive. You have to shake them before you eat to mix the inside ingredients.

For main dish (you can also share if you like) We ordered homemade Noodles (Argentinian style) with pork and crab, very tasty, I loved them. And Seco, a lamb stew with Chinese mash potatoes and thai basil, really fresh, it tasted like a curry somehow.

Another night we ordered Chaufa Peking rice with duck, it’s my favorite. And their famous Cebiche, with corvina, scallops and razor clams.

We ordered 2 desserts also, a Chocolate mousse and a Creme broulé, terrific both of them.

You can have a great dinner like this for less of 40€ each.

They are closed on Sundays, call for reservations.

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