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Hattori Hanzo

+34 917 86 57 80

Calle Mesonero Romanos,17 <m> Callao 3 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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a quality izakaya has opened in Madrid

me gusta

Madrid has a lot of Japanese restaurants, but almost all of them are sushi restaurants, that is why Hattori Hanzo is great news, a quality izakaya has opened in Madrid. Izakayas are the Japanese tapas bars, where you can go to have a beer and something light and casual to eat.

The place remembers me a place in Tokyo, Gonpachi, where the famous fight scene of Kill Bill was filmed. It’s quite big, it has a long bar, some tables at the entrance and a summer terrace yatai style, and the most popular area, at the back, where you can eat on the floor, but with space for your legs down the tables. It’s big but you’ll have to book it in advance, it’s quite crowed, specially for dinner.

So, as it is a tavern, you have to order some beers, they have Japanese draft beer (Kirin), the best, in my opinion. And with the beer some tapas: gyozas here are a essential choice.

Also the Karaage (marinated chicken), really light and tasty.

They have a robata for yakitoris that are one of their specialties, but this time we ordered Okonomiyaki, as it’s very difficult to find in Madrid, this one was as good as in Japan.

If you want something sweet they have some options, we ordered green tea and sesame ice creams, I know, nothing very special, it was really good, but next time we’ll chose the Dorayaki or the Matcha to Azuki Keki.

To sum up, a great place to go with friends to order some beers, gyozas and yakitoris to have a Japanese evening.

Good price, 20€ per person. Closed on Sundays.

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Chuka Ramen Bar

+34 640 65 13 46

Calle Echegaray, 9 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Finally amazing Ramen in Madrid

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

At last!!! we were all looking forward to this! finally good Ramen in Madrid, not only good, really amazing Ramen, and not only Ramen, also great Gyozas and awesome Baos. Chuka Ramen Bar remembers to those superb Ramen Bars you can find in Tokyo, but also to Momofuku, the famous David Chang restaurant, and the reason is that one of the chefs (John Husby) worked there, what good luck he decided to move to Spain :)

Gyozas are a great way to start, order both of them, Butifarra and Prawns, I can’t choose only one option.

If you want to try some more new-in-town dishes you can go with the Dok boki, a Korean recipe made with rice and chili.

And then, Ramen! they have 3 options: Shoyu (dashi and chicken soup with noodles, pork, egg and nori), Miso dashi (dashi and miso soup with noodles, vegetables and shiitake) or Hiyashi chuka (no soup, cold noodles, sausage, sichuán chili, watercress and sweet cashews).

I will also suggest you to order some Baos, there are amazing options as the pork one (David Chang’s iconic pork bun at Momofuku Noodle Bar) or the fried chicken bun. And if you can eat a little bit more, the Mochi doughnut, their only dessert, a rice pie with lime ice cream.

And this is not everything, they also have surprising Japanese beers worth trying.

The prices are very reasonable, 20-30€ per person.

My prayers have been answered, I can eat amazing Ramen at least in Madrid, thanks Chuka guys.

Booking is not possible, so go early to find a spot, there are less than 40 seats. It is open Tuesday through Saturday night and only noon on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Oribu Gastrobar

+34 915 24 03 17

Barquillo 10 <m> Banco de España 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Spanish and Japanese flavors

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Oribu means olive in Japanese, it describe perfectly what this gastrobar is: a perfect mix between Spanish and Japanese flavors. There are 3 lounges, the entrance with tall tables and stools for having something to eat from 4pm to 9pm, upstairs, with only 5 small tables, and the biggest lounge downstairs.

The mix is amazing, the Gyozas made with “Cocido” (typical Madrid broth made with meat, vegetables and chickpeas) are really good, the dough is thin, the stuffing is melty, and they serve it with fresh mint, coriander and soup, addictive!

Another must is the Spanish omelette, it is fried in tempura, very light.

Sushi is spectacular, “Boquerón” (anchovy) Hosomaki is amazing, and the dressing with the tuna and salmon nigiris crazy suitable.

For dessert they have also good choices, order the Pannacotta with violet ice cream, delicious.

For lunch they have a menu for a great price: 10,50€, for dinner it’d be around 30€ each.

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+34 620 70 93 99

Calle Meléndez Valdés 54 <m> Argüelles 3 4 6 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Umami bomb

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Nakeima really offers a remarkable food experience, they call themselves a freestyle Asian food restaurant, and it’s true, I’d also say it’s a casual bar that serve high level gourmet Asian tapas in an absolutely Madrid’s style, even though, at the same time it reminds me to the David Chang kind of place. They serve Madrid’s umami.

The first thing, and most difficult, is to get a place in the bar, you have to wait in line until half an hour before they open (that is 2pm for lunch and 9pm for dinner) when someone come to pointing you in the list, I recommend arriving 1 hour before and wait at the door, trust me, it’s worthy. 20 people each shift, not only because of the available space, also because of their way, ingredients bought for the day, no waste.

At 2pm and 9pm Nakeima opens and you sit on a stool, then a really friendly staff tell you what they have today on the menu, everyday different. There are like 15 or 20 tapas to chose from, maybe you can have them all, everything is absolutely delicious. The staff is also a highlight, they explain passionately everything you need to know about the ingredientes and the cooking.

We have an amazing, fun and high quality dinner for 35€ each. I’m in love with this guys.

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L'Artisan -furansu kitchen-

+34 914 20 31 72

Calle de Ventura de la Vega, 15 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Original French&Japanese

está OK

French or Japanese? Are you hesitating? You don’t have to make a decision! You can have both at L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen. Side by side but not eye to eye because I couldn’t imagine an Onigiri Foundee or anything like that.

It has two floors, upstairs is more casual, for a quick meal or at lunch time, downstairs is charming, a typical Huertas neighborhood cave, well lit, plenty of space for each table and not too many tables.

The menu is divided in French / Japanese starters, French / Japanese main courses and French / … desserts :)

We had everything to share combining French and Japanese dishes equally, we were four.

The wine was French, of course, and excellent.

We paid 25€ each, I think it’s a great price!

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Kabuki Wellington

+34 915 77 78 77

Calle de Velázquez, 6 (Hotel Wellington) <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Michelin starred restaurant

me gusta

Japanese ikebana at the reception, a large bar and two heights for the tables, nicely decorated but space is not the only highlight, Kabuki Wellington is food oriented.

The menu is a bit long, so you’ll need some time to think what are you going to have, or you can prepare your visit taking a look to the menu in advance on the website (there are some special dishes on the web you can order at the restaurant even though there aren’t on the menu), or be advised by the maitre. You can have traditional Japanese food but but its strength is the fusion, mixing elegantly Spanish and Japanese dishes, as Pan Tumaca Toro Usuzukuri.
They’re obsessed with the best fish, proof of that is the Tuna tartar with ponzu, it melts in your mouth, rich of flavors, no fat at all, delicious.

One of these hidden dishes you can order is Trilogía Kabuki, with 3 of their best choices: Quail egg with truffle nigiri, Wagyu burger with tomato and caramelized onion and Butter fish with chives and truffle egg.
Not only the fish is outstanding, we order carpaccio, the meat was really soft and tasty, after this you can’t go back to the meat you’re used to!
I think I had a crush on Ricardo Sanz at that point. Oriol Balaguer is in charge of the desserts, we ordered Yufu jelly with strawberries and pumpkin seeds, oh my goodness!

It is a bit pricey, we were two, we had a glass of white wine of their amazing cellar and sparkling water, we ordered two Trilogías and a blue tea and the bill was of 160€, but really, really worthy. Thanks to my hostess to for joining me on my first visit that will be unforgettable.

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Udon Bar & Restaurant Chueca

+34 915 32 33 69

Calle del Clavel 6 <m> Gran Via 1 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Noodles: quick, energetic and cheap lunch

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

UDON is an Spanish chain specialized in noodles, you can choose from udon, soba or soups, they also have rice and side dishes. In every branch you’ll find a large shared table, Wagamama style, that I love. You can have a quick, energetic and cheap lunch (or dinner, but I prefer lunch) in many places over Madrid, even at the airport! they have opened its first restaurant in the T1 airport terminal Madrid, I haven’t gone yet, but it’ll be my first choice next time in Barajas.

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Restaurante Naomi

+34 915 72 23 04

Calle de Ávila 14 <m> Estrecho 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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My choice for Japanese restaurant

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Naomi is in Madrid since 1974, It can be the oldest Japanese restaurant in Madrid, and also the most Japanese. The decoration is exactly the same as the regular sushi bar at Tokyo. The owners (Katsuo and Hojo), chefs and waiters are of course Japanese. You can also find other dishes besides sushi, and delightful ones! yakitori, katsukarei, nasudengaku, everything is fantastic, better than most fancy Japanese places in town.

For a great quality Japanese restaurant it’s not expensive, 35€ each with Japanese beer and dessert (home made maracuya mousse is my favorite).

Reservation required, even on weekdays, they have 2 shifts (21h and 23h).

It's my favorite with no doubt.

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