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Taquería La Lupita

+34 914 31 71 45

Calle Villanueva, 1, Esq. Lagasca <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 49 personas

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Great tacos

lasmesasdevanessa lo descubrió en febrero de 2014

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Remarkable this taqueria at Salamanca neighborhood, I love Mexican food, especially tacos, and La Lupita does the job. Some starters and amazing tacos, all you have to worry about is deciding the filling, everything fresh, non-oily, great price and fast served, ideal for weekdays lunch.

We always start with guacamole and totopos, and then some tacos: pastor, gringa (pastor & cheese) and cochinita pibil (2 each order).

Tacos & Chelas, ideal match, so try one of their micheladas (beer with fresh lime juice in a frosty mug with salt).

Great casual place to meet with friends for a fun night eating and drinking, 20€-30€ each.

It’s better to book in advance. Opened everyday from 1pm until past midnight.

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Kilómetros de Pizza

+34 917 55 72 32

Avenida de Brasil, 6 <m> Santiago Bernabeu 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 88 personas

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Gourmet pizzería

me gusta

Did you know that a Spanish chef has been the World Pizza Champion four times? he is Jesús Marquina, and he has designed and tested the pizza served at Kilómetros de pizza in Madrid, a gourmet pizzería around Bernabeu area where pizzaolos has been Marquina’s students.

They use special flour imported directly from Italy, dough is made and fermented at the restaurant kitchen, and baked in a Castelli oven, the best of the best. Is lighter and digestive and follows the guidelines of the Roman recipe. But the hit of the pizzeria is that you can order the pizza by meters! the biggest is 2 meters long, if you dare.

The quality is good for the price, the place is nice, decorated Mediterranean style, large tables, great for meeting there with a group of friends (even with children) for a casual dinner.

We ordered some starters too, as they were signed by another known chef, Juanjo López Bedmar. Great ingredients, Fresh burrata, and Mortadela with parmesan.

We were 5 and we order too much. They have 4 sizes to choose: Paso (28 x 28 cm), Half meter, One meter and Two meters. In theory, a Paso is an individual portion, Half a meter is good to share between two, and so on, but in my opinion is too much, maybe I’ll recommend Half a meter for every three.

We had Bresaola and rocket, Mushrooms and pumpkin cream, Barbecue and Diabola.

For dessert we order a Tiramisu and a Chocolate coulant.

The price, 25€ each. But as I said, it was too much food, so we took the leftovers.

We booked online, it’s better if you do, just in case.

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Sala de Despiece

+34 917 52 61 06

Calle Ponzano,11 <m> Alonso Cano 7 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Exquisite tapas

me gusta

“Ir de tapas” in Madrid is a must, but also difficult to find the best places to do so, especially in streets as Ponzano, you have to separate the wheat from chaff, Sala de Despiece is clearly wheat.

Great and creative decoration, as you were inside a really cool meat cutting room, or a former butchery. It’s small, with a big bar in the middle, with hooks over your head where you can find the forks, knives and napkins.

The menu is not too long but exquisite, and is presented as a list of dishes classified according to various criteria set by columns: section, product development, ingredients, origin, weight and price. All the meat comes from La Finca Jimenez Barbero, a top farm located in Colmenar de Arroyo, in Madrid, and it’s one of their star dishes.
We had the carpaccio and it was really amazing, the meat is fabulous, they serve it which salt, tomato and a truffle sauce, you have to spread it over the meat and roll it.

Butter fish was a great choice too, grilled, really tasty.
We also order Galician octopus chalaca (with fresh vegetables: onion, tomato).

Its a fantastic place to meet with friends, but if you are a big group better go early (its always crowd), we were 4 and order 2 plates of each, several glasess of wine, beer, a Gin&Tonic, and a flan for dessert and we paid for everything 90€.

From Tuesday to Sunday, lunch or dinner time (not Sudays). Not reservation available. Ponzano, 11.

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Bar Tomate

+34 917 02 38 70

Calle de Fernando El Santo 26 <m> Colón 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 375 personas

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A bar with a kitchen

me gusta

They call Bar Tomate a bar with kitchen, mostly Mediterranean market dishes, it belongs to Tragaluz Group, most important in Barcelona than in Madrid where they only own 2 places (Bar Tomate and Luzi Bombon).

When in opened in 2009 it was barely impossible to book a table, now is easier, but it is recommendable to book it in advance, especially on weekends.

The decoration is quite hip, even with an award from a magazine (Metropoli). Two rooms, one at the entrance with large windows, and another, following the bar, with a communal table and some more independent tables. From the back room you can see the open kitchen and the wood oven.

Even though the serve breakfast and lunch too, I prefer Bar Tomate for having dinner, because of the atmosphere.

For the table I can’t miss the Crispy duck salad and orange vinaigrette, also the Tuna tartar with guacamole or the Croquettes are great.

For main dish I usually chose Tagliata charcoal veal with rocket and parmesan, really delicious.

Also the Steak tartar is a great choice, they serve it with wasabi ice cream.

Pizzas are also yummy! as they make them in the wood oven.

It’s medium price, even cheap considering the neighborhood and the place.

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La Tavernetta

+34 913 19 23 90

Calle Orellana 17 <m> Alonso Martínez 4 5 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 128 personas

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Best Italian, Sardo Sicilian cuisine

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

There are too many Italian restaurants everywhere, so it make it more difficult to find one that is really good. La Tavernetta is one of the good ones. It’s menu it’s not too long, some starters, 6 or 7 pasta dishes, lasagna, pizza and 2 or 3 meet dishes. They also have great daily specials. It’s specialized on Sardo Sicilian cuisine, always very fresh and high quality products. Angelo, the manager, is from Cerdeña, and he manage to bring from his island to La Tavernetta pecorino sardo cheese, a very difficult cheese to delight in Madrid.

The caponata for starter is a must, an aubergine and tomate dish, very traditional Sicilian recipe, if they have burratina you should order it with the caponata. The mixed plate of Italian meats and cheeses is really great too, the best is the Sardo bread it comes with. Aubergine balls are also delicious.

For wine I always choose the Tasari, also Sicilian.

For the main dish it’s up to you, I love the Ravioli stuffed with livers with shallot sauce, the Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato or the Lasagna. But it’s essential to pay attention to the daily suggestions as they are really amazing.

For dessert I suggest tasting the Cannoli, the Panacotta or the Cassata if they have it on the menu, combined with a well done cappuccino.

The price is great, around 25€/person.

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