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TANTA Madrid

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Plaza del Perú, 1 (esq. Alfonso XIII) <m> Pio XII 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Peruvian restaurant, informal, always open

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Tanta is a quality, Peruvian restaurant, informal, always open (from 13:30h-16h and from 20:30h-00h), big enough to find a table even a Friday night. Thee food is awesome, tasty, colorful, fresh and delicious.

I love the typical Papa bread that you get when you sit down.

They have a large selection of cebiches, last time we shared a Cebiche clásico (ceviche made with croaker a and tiger’s milk, the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood). And also some Wantanes (pork and shrimp with tamarind sauce).

Main courses are amazing, I never know what to choose, my favorites maybe are: Lomo saltado (beef tenderloin, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers and rice, wok made), Tallarines Saltados (Wok sauteed noodles with chicken, shrimp, onions, tomatoes and peppers) and Gaston Burger (Beef, lettuce, tomato, house sauce, creole sauce, fries and chimichurri), named for Gastón Acurio, the owner, that also owns Astrid & Gastón, another great Peruvian restaurant in Madrid.

They also have great desserts, I love the Chocolate soufle.

Usually, you can pay around 25€ each, weekdays they serve a lunch menu for 17€.

You can book online.

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Calle de Velázquez, 18 <m> Velázquez 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Mediterranean food in an unbelievable terrace

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Iroco is a quiet restaurant, perfect for lunch or dinner plus conversation, great service, delicious Mediterranean style food, good price and with an unbelievable terrace inside an amazing patio in the middle of Madrid.

You can have half dishes if you want, great choice for sharing a salad, as the Crispy Chicken salad that I love, and Tomato with burrata.

For main dishes they have rice, pasta, meat, vegetables and meat to chose from. Rice “socarrat” with grilled prawns is amazing. Or you can order their famous Steak tartar. Or the Mini hamburgers with Miraflores cheese, they are a must.

The desserts are crazy, Chocolate “tronco” with olive oil ice cream or Lime biscuit glaccé are a sure win.

It’s a great idea have a cocktail, as the menu is really assorted and original, I always go with a Campari with orange juice, perfect aperitif.

Price is around 35€ each.

Booking is advisable, especially for the terrace in spring and summer. Enjoy!

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