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Goiko Grill

+34 910 22 37 34

Calle del Conde de Peñalver 41 <m> Lista 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Best burger joint in Madrid,

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Goiko Grill is the best burger joint in Madrid, a dozen burgers to choose from, or, customize your own if you like, and some appetizers, that’s it, simple, but superb. It’s great for a casual lunch or dinner with friends.

Great prices for great burgers. They have a place in María de Molina and a terrace in Conde de Peñalver, you also can take it away or order from home. You can book online if you want.

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TANTA Madrid

- cerrado

Plaza del Perú, 1 (esq. Alfonso XIII) <m> Pio XII 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Peruvian restaurant, informal, always open

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Tanta is a quality, Peruvian restaurant, informal, always open (from 13:30h-16h and from 20:30h-00h), big enough to find a table even a Friday night. Thee food is awesome, tasty, colorful, fresh and delicious.

I love the typical Papa bread that you get when you sit down.

They have a large selection of cebiches, last time we shared a Cebiche clásico (ceviche made with croaker a and tiger’s milk, the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood). And also some Wantanes (pork and shrimp with tamarind sauce).

Main courses are amazing, I never know what to choose, my favorites maybe are: Lomo saltado (beef tenderloin, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers and rice, wok made), Tallarines Saltados (Wok sauteed noodles with chicken, shrimp, onions, tomatoes and peppers) and Gaston Burger (Beef, lettuce, tomato, house sauce, creole sauce, fries and chimichurri), named for Gastón Acurio, the owner, that also owns Astrid & Gastón, another great Peruvian restaurant in Madrid.

They also have great desserts, I love the Chocolate soufle.

Usually, you can pay around 25€ each, weekdays they serve a lunch menu for 17€.

You can book online.

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Chuka Ramen Bar

+34 640 65 13 46

Calle Echegaray, 9 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Finally amazing Ramen in Madrid

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

At last!!! we were all looking forward to this! finally good Ramen in Madrid, not only good, really amazing Ramen, and not only Ramen, also great Gyozas and awesome Baos. Chuka Ramen Bar remembers to those superb Ramen Bars you can find in Tokyo, but also to Momofuku, the famous David Chang restaurant, and the reason is that one of the chefs (John Husby) worked there, what good luck he decided to move to Spain :)

Gyozas are a great way to start, order both of them, Butifarra and Prawns, I can’t choose only one option.

If you want to try some more new-in-town dishes you can go with the Dok boki, a Korean recipe made with rice and chili.

And then, Ramen! they have 3 options: Shoyu (dashi and chicken soup with noodles, pork, egg and nori), Miso dashi (dashi and miso soup with noodles, vegetables and shiitake) or Hiyashi chuka (no soup, cold noodles, sausage, sichuán chili, watercress and sweet cashews).

I will also suggest you to order some Baos, there are amazing options as the pork one (David Chang’s iconic pork bun at Momofuku Noodle Bar) or the fried chicken bun. And if you can eat a little bit more, the Mochi doughnut, their only dessert, a rice pie with lime ice cream.

And this is not everything, they also have surprising Japanese beers worth trying.

The prices are very reasonable, 20-30€ per person.

My prayers have been answered, I can eat amazing Ramen at least in Madrid, thanks Chuka guys.

Booking is not possible, so go early to find a spot, there are less than 40 seats. It is open Tuesday through Saturday night and only noon on Fridays and Saturdays.

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+34 620 70 93 99

Calle Meléndez Valdés 54 <m> Argüelles 3 4 6 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Umami bomb

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Nakeima really offers a remarkable food experience, they call themselves a freestyle Asian food restaurant, and it’s true, I’d also say it’s a casual bar that serve high level gourmet Asian tapas in an absolutely Madrid’s style, even though, at the same time it reminds me to the David Chang kind of place. They serve Madrid’s umami.

The first thing, and most difficult, is to get a place in the bar, you have to wait in line until half an hour before they open (that is 2pm for lunch and 9pm for dinner) when someone come to pointing you in the list, I recommend arriving 1 hour before and wait at the door, trust me, it’s worthy. 20 people each shift, not only because of the available space, also because of their way, ingredients bought for the day, no waste.

At 2pm and 9pm Nakeima opens and you sit on a stool, then a really friendly staff tell you what they have today on the menu, everyday different. There are like 15 or 20 tapas to chose from, maybe you can have them all, everything is absolutely delicious. The staff is also a highlight, they explain passionately everything you need to know about the ingredientes and the cooking.

We have an amazing, fun and high quality dinner for 35€ each. I’m in love with this guys.

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Dray Martina

- cerrado

Calle Argensola,7 <m> Alonso Martínez 4 5 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Wonderful place to meet with friends

me gusta

Dray Martina is a wonderful place to meet with friends. The deco is a big part of the experience, made by Madrid in love, white furniture, cactus and huge windows that allow street light enters the room.

The food is the perfect match for a vibrant conversation. Mediterranean, simple, tasty and easy to share plates, as the Grilled octopus with avocado brunoise (not good enough for my lovely Galician companion), Croquetas made of cecina, pear and spinach, Duck magret with pumpkin or the Hamburger. We also share a dessert, Chocolate mousse.

I liked Dry Martina most for the space and the atmosphere they offer, so you can choose either breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner to go there and spend a good time with your friends.
Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 2:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 2:30. Booking is required.

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+34 910 24 47 98

Calle Santa María 28 <m> Antón Martín 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Love at first visit

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Three chefs in the kitchen, three sections on the menu, three rooms in the restaurant, and three sizes of servings. Love at first visit. The food served at El Triciclo deserves not three but five stars. Local fresh market cuisine in this amazing restaurant, direct to my favs. Simple rustic design which lacks the flavor that comes with age that certainly will fulfill.

So, three rooms: the bar, where you can have a wine without booking a table if you couldn’t get one or if you are passing by, a space for groups around an old carpenter’s table, and the main room.

Three different sections on the menu, and while you decide you can enjoy a glass of wine and the complimentary starter as the one we had: Potatoes with mojo sauce, the tubercle was still warm and at its point and the sauce delicious.

We ordered half rations to share between two so we could try more dishes on the menu. First section: Del mercado al TriCiclo (focused on the quality and freshness of the product), as Calçots (spring onions) grilled with romesco sauce.

Second section: Un paseo en TriCiclo (traditional but elaborated dishes) and the third section: Un viaje en TriCiclo (dishes with surprising mixed flavors) as the Steak tartar with egg and roes.

But here the trio becomes a quartet because the philosophy of the restaurant is to have a non-fixed menu, with seasonal products that they find at the market. So we ordered also: Bushmeat balls (surprising, melty, I wish they could be on the permanent menu), Crispy sweetbreads with vegetables, and Scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

For dessert strawberries and blood oranges with basil ice cream and mint.

All of these amazing half dishes plus 4 glasses of red wine for less than 70€, I’m now one of their new fans.

Reservation required, you can do it online (plan ahead).

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Taquería La Lupita

+34 914 31 71 45

Calle Villanueva, 1, Esq. Lagasca <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Great tacos

lasmesasdevanessa lo descubrió en febrero de 2014

me gusta

Remarkable this taqueria at Salamanca neighborhood, I love Mexican food, especially tacos, and La Lupita does the job. Some starters and amazing tacos, all you have to worry about is deciding the filling, everything fresh, non-oily, great price and fast served, ideal for weekdays lunch.

We always start with guacamole and totopos, and then some tacos: pastor, gringa (pastor & cheese) and cochinita pibil (2 each order).

Tacos & Chelas, ideal match, so try one of their micheladas (beer with fresh lime juice in a frosty mug with salt).

Great casual place to meet with friends for a fun night eating and drinking, 20€-30€ each.

It’s better to book in advance. Opened everyday from 1pm until past midnight.

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La Bomba Bistrot

- cerrado

Calle Pedro Muguruza, 5 <m> Cuzco 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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It’s the place to eat rice

me gusta

Rice Bar La bomba, best place in Madrid to eat different Spanish traditional rice dishes, and even a Korean rice named Bulgogi, great for dinners. If you are in town with foreign friends, it’s the place to take them, although it’s not the typical Spanish traditional place they’ll expect, the decoration is clearly Mediterreanean .

There are no many starters to choose from, but there are all spectacular, my favorites: Butifarra, Ensaladilla and Croquetas, you can order to share if you ask for Trilogía La Bomba. They also have La Virgen craft beer from Madrid, for a great start.

When it comes to rices I always choose the simplest one, as Arroz A Banda, but at Rice Bar La bomba I change my habits: for lunch I will go with Arroz Berlanga (peaks, chorizo… strong taste, delicious, José Luis García Berlanga’s recipe), and for dinner, something lighter, the Bulgogi Rice, a great Korean rice, that you have to wrap in a lettuce leave, with beef, ginger, garlic.

The dessert is a must, there are all of them great, but Paulova is the king. And for a really grand finale pair it with a MR wine (Moscatel).

Christophe, one of the owners, has also a great blog in which he writes about recipes and restaurants.

Make a reservation.

Mondays to Wednesday is closed at dinner.

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+34 915 23 39 05

Calle de la Libertad 21 <m> Chueca 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Good, pretty and cheap

me gusta

Are you looking for a pretty, casual, good price, mediterranean but asian influenced restaurant in Chueca for lunch? Bazaar is perfect! I’d rather lunch than dinner because of the great light Bazaar has due to these huge windows and the white decor. Weekdays they have a fixed menu for 10,50€, but choosing the regular menu you can have lunch for 15€.

Pasta, rice, fish or meat, long Mediterranean menu with an asian twist. I always order the same: Prawn Carpaccio, or Bresaola Carpaccio, they served it with pesto sauce and some bread.

Duck confit with hummus or Chicken curry with sotanghon noddles.

For dessert Biscuit glacé with burnt jijona (it’s a traditional xmas Spanish sweet, turrón)

The food is good, and the price is better, in Spanish we say “Bueno, bonito y barato” (Good, pretty and cheap). Reservations are not allowed.

If you like it you can give a try to the other restaurants they have in the same group, Andilana, but Bazaar is my favorite in Madrid.

Calle de la Libertad, 21

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Kilómetros de Pizza

+34 917 55 72 32

Avenida de Brasil, 6 <m> Santiago Bernabeu 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Gourmet pizzería

me gusta

Did you know that a Spanish chef has been the World Pizza Champion four times? he is Jesús Marquina, and he has designed and tested the pizza served at Kilómetros de pizza in Madrid, a gourmet pizzería around Bernabeu area where pizzaolos has been Marquina’s students.

They use special flour imported directly from Italy, dough is made and fermented at the restaurant kitchen, and baked in a Castelli oven, the best of the best. Is lighter and digestive and follows the guidelines of the Roman recipe. But the hit of the pizzeria is that you can order the pizza by meters! the biggest is 2 meters long, if you dare.

The quality is good for the price, the place is nice, decorated Mediterranean style, large tables, great for meeting there with a group of friends (even with children) for a casual dinner.

We ordered some starters too, as they were signed by another known chef, Juanjo López Bedmar. Great ingredients, Fresh burrata, and Mortadela with parmesan.

We were 5 and we order too much. They have 4 sizes to choose: Paso (28 x 28 cm), Half meter, One meter and Two meters. In theory, a Paso is an individual portion, Half a meter is good to share between two, and so on, but in my opinion is too much, maybe I’ll recommend Half a meter for every three.

We had Bresaola and rocket, Mushrooms and pumpkin cream, Barbecue and Diabola.

For dessert we order a Tiramisu and a Chocolate coulant.

The price, 25€ each. But as I said, it was too much food, so we took the leftovers.

We booked online, it’s better if you do, just in case.

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