Taquería La Lupita

+34 914 31 71 45

Calle Villanueva, 1, Esq. Lagasca <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 49 personas

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Great tacos

lasmesasdevanessa lo descubrió en febrero de 2014

me gusta

Remarkable this taqueria at Salamanca neighborhood, I love Mexican food, especially tacos, and La Lupita does the job. Some starters and amazing tacos, all you have to worry about is deciding the filling, everything fresh, non-oily, great price and fast served, ideal for weekdays lunch.

We always start with guacamole and totopos, and then some tacos: pastor, gringa (pastor & cheese) and cochinita pibil (2 each order).

Tacos & Chelas, ideal match, so try one of their micheladas (beer with fresh lime juice in a frosty mug with salt).

Great casual place to meet with friends for a fun night eating and drinking, 20€-30€ each.

It’s better to book in advance. Opened everyday from 1pm until past midnight.

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