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La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo

+34 915 77 50 08

Calle Alcalá 89 <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

The best chocolate cake in the world is the name of this tiny charming shop in front of El Retiro park, they are not modest because they don’t need to, it is indeed the best chocolate cake in the world. They have 2 types of cakes in 2 sizes, one with 70% cocoa, the other with 53%, in 2 sizes (14 or 8 servings), or you can order a single portion, everything to take away (or delivery).

The cake has no flour or yeast and all its ingredients are of the highest quality: chocolate, butter, margarine, sugar, cocoa powder and egg. The creator of all this is a Portuguese named Carlos Braz that opened first in Lisbon and now we can enjoy it in Spain, USA, Brasil, Angola and Australia.

So, if you are near El Retiro, is not a better plan than looking for the hidden shop, order a portion and enjoy the best chocolate cake in the world resting under a tree in the park.

Weekdays: 12-20h and weekends: 11-15h, Alcalá, 89, 915 77 50 08

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Kilómetros de Pizza

+34 917 55 72 32

Avenida de Brasil, 6 <m> Santiago Bernabeu 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 88 personas

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Gourmet pizzería

me gusta

Did you know that a Spanish chef has been the World Pizza Champion four times? he is Jesús Marquina, and he has designed and tested the pizza served at Kilómetros de pizza in Madrid, a gourmet pizzería around Bernabeu area where pizzaolos has been Marquina’s students.

They use special flour imported directly from Italy, dough is made and fermented at the restaurant kitchen, and baked in a Castelli oven, the best of the best. Is lighter and digestive and follows the guidelines of the Roman recipe. But the hit of the pizzeria is that you can order the pizza by meters! the biggest is 2 meters long, if you dare.

The quality is good for the price, the place is nice, decorated Mediterranean style, large tables, great for meeting there with a group of friends (even with children) for a casual dinner.

We ordered some starters too, as they were signed by another known chef, Juanjo López Bedmar. Great ingredients, Fresh burrata, and Mortadela with parmesan.

We were 5 and we order too much. They have 4 sizes to choose: Paso (28 x 28 cm), Half meter, One meter and Two meters. In theory, a Paso is an individual portion, Half a meter is good to share between two, and so on, but in my opinion is too much, maybe I’ll recommend Half a meter for every three.

We had Bresaola and rocket, Mushrooms and pumpkin cream, Barbecue and Diabola.

For dessert we order a Tiramisu and a Chocolate coulant.

The price, 25€ each. But as I said, it was too much food, so we took the leftovers.

We booked online, it’s better if you do, just in case.

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Udon Bar & Restaurant Chueca

+34 915 32 33 69

Calle del Clavel 6 <m> Gran Via 1 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 81 personas

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Noodles: quick, energetic and cheap lunch

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

UDON is an Spanish chain specialized in noodles, you can choose from udon, soba or soups, they also have rice and side dishes. In every branch you’ll find a large shared table, Wagamama style, that I love. You can have a quick, energetic and cheap lunch (or dinner, but I prefer lunch) in many places over Madrid, even at the airport! they have opened its first restaurant in the T1 airport terminal Madrid, I haven’t gone yet, but it’ll be my first choice next time in Barajas.

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Magasand Retiro

+34 915 76 88 43

Calle Columela, 4 <m> Retiro 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 90 personas

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Healthy, fast, delicious lunch to eat-in or takeaway

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Magasand is perfect for a healthy, fast, delicious lunch to eat-in or takeaway. The menu has a long selection of salads and also yo can make your own mix if you don’t find anything you like, but I don’t think so.

They also have a special soup and a salad of the day.

As they claim in their name, sandwiches are their thing. Every one made with a different kind of bread and tasty fresh ingredients. My favorite, the Spicy bonito, its a bagel with tuna and wasabi mayonnaise. The bresaola and tomato focaccia named Giuseppe is amazing too.

For drink I always order a smoothie, is one of the very few places in Madrid that makes good ones.

They have some cakes, but I prefer them better for breakfast or the evening than for lunch. Good coffees as well, so it makes Magasand a great place also for meet with friends in the morning or afternoon for a tea, coffee or juice. On weekends they serve brunch.

The Columela st. restaurant is bigger, two floors and some tables outside. One great thing about the Magasand in Columela st. is that you can rent a basket to make a picnic at the Retiro park that is really close :) they also have another place in Chueca.

5€-8€ for a salad or sandwich.

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