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+34 915 41 76 57

Calle Unión 2 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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nice place for a coffe or beer

Its a funny place, with quite a surrealist decoration which includes furniture from very different classes and times. Very nice to have a quiet chat after dinner.

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Diva Caffe' di Peana Giovanni

+39 079 982306

Piazza Municipio 1 Alghero, Italia

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terrace in nice piazza

It is very nice for a beer before going out. It is in a nice square in the historic town centre.

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+45 70 27 56 27

Løngangstræde 27 Copenhague, Dinamarca

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a bar made out of ice

It feels somehow like having a beer in the streets of Copenhagen without a heater. The bar is always at negative temperatures, so that the ice walls, bar, seats, tables, etc won't melt. It is quite a funny experience. When you arrive, they will give you some gloves and coat so you won't be so cold inside.

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+86 85228577683

LG/F 83 - 85 Hollywood Road Hong Kong, China

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best gay bar in hongkong

It is a good bar any day of the week. The week-ends it is normally very crowdy, there are sometimes some kind of show, and it is fun. During the week, it has a more relaxed atmosphere, and it is great to have a beer with not too loud music. Most of the people you can find there are from the US or Europe.

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PJ Murphy's

+86 85227823383

32 Nathan Road Hong Kong, China

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irish pub in kowloon

It is a good option to have a drink in the area, specially a night between the week, because there are not many more options. It has normal european food, which can be useful once in a while if you live there, and in the week-ends there is quite a good atmosphere at night.

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+34 915 76 77 69

Paseo de la Castellana 40 <m> Rubén Darío 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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posh disco bar in the Salamanca district

This is one of Madrid's poshest bars. In the weekends, it has mostly teenagers and people in their 20's. During weekdays the average age goes up a bit. It has in all cases, a very posh atmosphere, even snooty, with everyone very dressed up. The drinks were not too expensive as one might expect (i think they were 6€). If you can't find any place to have a drink a tuesday night, and you don't mind the snooty atmosphere, this may be your place.

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Centralino Club

+39 011 837500

Via delle Rosine 16 Turín, Italia

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best club in town!

For me it was the funniest club in Torino. They have different type of parties depending on the night, but they are all fun normally. My favourite one was the "Serata CUTRE". They usually organise games. One of the nights they gave us all a label with a word, and we had to find someone with a complementary label (for example Charles-Camilla, Penis-Condom, Headache-Aspririne). They put very varied music, like Pupo, Vasco Rossi, Gigi di Agostino, from the 80-90s, as well as current also comercial music, like Subsonica, Mika, Scissors Sisters....
The last time i went, they ended the night with music from cartoons that we watched when we were little.

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+32 2 227 39 70

38 Chaussée de Louvain Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Bélgica

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the best parties in Brussel

It is a club in the area of Madou. It usually has very good parties, the best of which is EUROMISSION, a competition between European DJs.
In the centre it has a boxing ring which soon gets full of people dancing. Careful with the ropes! After a few drinks they seem much more rigid than they are! :-)

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Piazza Emanuele Filiberto 10 Turín, Italia

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trendy bar

Very nice bar to have a drink at night. When it is not very cold, the terrace is great.

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Mappa Mundo

+32 2 514 35 55

2 - 6 Rue du Pont de la Carpe Bruselas, Bélgica

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good meeting point

It is in the middle of the Saint-Géry area, one of the best nightlife areas in Brussel. The pub is ok, it has several rooms, which makes it perfect for times when you prefer to be alone with your friends, and not to socialise much..

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