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Youth Hostel Center-Rambles

+34 934 12 40 69

Carrer de l'Hospital 63 <m> Liceu L3 Barcelona, Barcelona provincia, España

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very cheap and centric

It is a student hostel in a very good area of Barcelona. The rooms are old and ugly, but at least they are clean and comfortable. Above all, it is really cheap: between 15€ and 20€ per night (per person) depending on the season.

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Teatro Arriaga Antzokia

+34 944 79 20 36

Plaza de Arriaga 1 <m> Casco Viejo 1 2 Bilbao, Bizkaia provincia, España

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very nice building, inside and outside

It is a beautiful theater built in a neo-barroque style. it is considered a first class theater, and the most prestigious theater companies have played in this theatre.

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Des Voeux Road Central (HSBC Main Building) Hong Kong, China

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rumore rumore...

Pasko lo descubrió en marzo de 2008

This is a very particular building, designed by Norman Foster. It has no internal supporting structure, that's why we can see the strange v-shaped structure in the exterior. All floors are made of lightweight movable panels, wich makes any change in the telecommunication networks very easy to do. Another odd characteristic of this building is its elevators. The elevators only stop every few floors, and you must use escalators to move between the floors.

It is strange that this building is so prepared for instalation changes and dismantles... or maybe not. This building was made to host the HSBC headquarters in Hongkong soon before the integration of this region in the PR of China. It is rumored that the HSBC were somehow uneasy about how will this region adapt to the "communist" regime, so finally opted for a building which could be be quickly dismantled in case of there being problems.

This version has not been officially admited, but all these special characteristics are difficult to justify otherwise.

In case there were any doubts: If you watch from the bay, you can see that there are no buildings from the sea to this block, as if they had left a corridor free of obstacles... weird.

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