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We had booked a table two days in advance, but when we arrived the two bartenders seemed puzzled to learn that there were bookings for the day at all (although they found mine quickly after that). Staff are a bit weird (the kind of waiters that write "una cerveza en copa pequeña" in its entirety on their notepad, before being able to raise their eyes and look at you again to hear what the second person wants to order...).

We ordered drinks and something "para picar": two "tostas", a platter of cheese, vegetable tempura. The smoked salmon on one of the toasts tasted funny; we did not finish it. The tempura tasted like a poor fry-up, and the other toast was covered in a bad "tranchete" of melted cheese... We did not eat much.

One good thing is that the bill was cheap: €52; we were five people, and had a couple of rounds of drinks.

It's a pity, because the venue does not look bad... It could be a fine place to have drinks and something to eat, were it not for the very poor quality of the food, and the weirdness of the service.


bonnie and clyde lo descubrió en agosto de 2011

Futbol y cañas en el barrio

Puedes ver los partidos en grande con su proyector. Buen lugar para ver el futbol y luego subir a la latina. Tostas, sartenes de revueltos, alitas.... Javier el dueño es un tio cachondo. Es el bar donde vimos a España ganar el mundial