Le Cosmopolite


DCHZ lo descubrió en abril de 2011

Buena cerveza belga en el corazón de Ucrania

Excelente lugar para compartir una buena cerveza belga en el corazón de Ucrania.

Como dice su página web:

"Belgian beer cafe «Le Cosmopolite» is one of the most authentic samples of Belgian restaurant. Elegant furnishings and cozy atmosphere create a feeling of the special taste of life, which leads grateful visitors to «Le Cosmopolite». In «Le Cosmopolite» feel at once - everything here is designed for pleasure.

The interior of restaurant is possessed in Art Nouveau style, which is characteristic for sybaritic cafes in the beginning of the last century. And wide selection of beer makes you thoughtful before ordering. Here are presented the best Belgian beer brands, among which «Hoegaarden», «Chimay», «De Koninck», «Stella Artois», «Palm», «Steenbrugge White Beer» and, of course, the famous abbatial "Leffe".

The traditional Belgian cuisine is complemented by the best dishes of Ukrainian, French and German cuisine. However, special attention in «Le Cosmopolite» is paid to dishes, which are ideally combined with beer".