Le Sofarama

Calle del Conde Duque 28, Madrid

<m> Ventura Rodriguez 3

+34 915 48 00 10


Sara In-Madrid lo descubrió en febrero de 2008

International Films and Library

A stone’s throw from the cultural centre and library, nestled between arty bars, La Sefarama offers owner Javier Jambou’s personal collection of sci-fi, horror, international and cine d’auteur films. Note the glass cabinet of cult-film objets d’art, then browse a wide selection of classic French and Irish films. Half-French, half-Spanish and “a little bit Irish through association”, Jambou selects films based on what he has seen and liked, perhaps a long time ago on television, or on the recommendations of friends. If he doesn’t like a film, it doesn’t come to his store (and if he decides he’s gone off a film, he’ll get rid of it; you know who you are, Gangs of New York).