Peluquerí­a Xiquena

Calle del Marqués de Monasterio 5, Madrid

<m> Colón 4

+34 913 19 66 59

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Great hairdressing in Madrid

One of the great things about Spain is how well groomed most people tend to be. Your average cleaning lady is always well coiffed but men of all dispositions pay good attention to their appearance and in particular their hair.

Xiquena salon ("Peluquería Xiquena") is a great place to have a haircut for men and women equally. It is a remnant of the "beautiful" 1980's of the city. Emilio is an incredibly gifted hair stylist -I saw him once do an older woman who had, believe me, very little hair, and turned her into an incredible looking much younger person. And he did it in a few minutes. The other stylists, especially stunning Ana, are also very good.

I always have my hair cut there. They are all so very nice and treat everyone so well. You may also see some local celebrities who patronise the place. And it is cheap. What else can one ask for?


hola, a mí me gusta mucho esta peluquería sobre todo por una cosa que no es común en muchas. te escuchan, y te hacen lo que tú quieres, no lo que ellos opinan que quieres....por eso siempre salgo contenta y además simpre te tratan bien. Es un sitio agradable y tranquilo.