Pizzeria Regina

11 Thacher Court, Boston, Estados Unidos

+1 617-227-0765


XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

Hands Down Best Pizza Ever

Pizzeria Regina may be a small, hole-in-the wall, place located in Boston's North End, but they are by far and away the best pizza in Boston. On weekends the line can stretch halfway down the block, but it is well worth it.

While the waitstaff may be some of the worst that you will experience, they give you what you want; pizza. The waitresses are cross, rather hostile, and at times bordering on rude. HOWEVER, this is simply the best pizza in Boston, and in my opinion, the best I have ever had. This pizza is heaven. The pizza is baked in brick ovens. People don't generally linger at the restaurant, seeing as they only serve pizza and drinks, but no trip to Boston is complete without a trip to Pizzeria Regina. And in regards to the actual pizza, the cheese pizza is perfect. The less toppings the better.