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The Nordic Waves is the term I used to describe this group of chefs from all of Scandinavia, mainly from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. These chefs known for 3-4 years at international level have particularly been at the forefront over the past two years due to the recognition of New Nordic Cuisine and the emphasis on a cuisine close to nature and the local products. All this, without relying on the status attained by the restaurant Noma and Chef René Redzepi. But beyond fashions and trends of the moment, I discovered a high concentration of young chefs, innovative, creative, open to the world and all dedicated to their garden!

Christian Puglisi was born in Messina (Italy) in 1982 and he is arrived in Denmark in 1989. After the Cooking school, he had internships at several major restaurants: Taillevent, El Bulli and Noma. Soon this summer (2010), he is open his first restaurant (RELAE) with his colleague at Noma, Kim Rossen.

RELAE is a fine-dining brasserie, a new way of thinking a gastronomic restaurant. At RELAE, it is important to have great cuisine in a cool ambiance. All the dishes are composed of 3-4 components maximum and with a focus on the freshness and the best produces as possible.

Christian Puglisi is a very talented chef and a leader from a new generation of chefs who mix influences as well as Ferran Adria that René Redzepi; minimalist, pure and research for the authenticity of flavors.
Q+A WITH CHRISTIAN PUGLISI ( restaurant-relae.dk):

1-(Scoffier) How do you explain the philosophy behind your cuisine and what is it main characteristics?

CPuglisi- The kitchen of Relæ is a simple creative kitchen. It will give a no-nonsense fine dining experience with high quality but non-luxurious products. All the dishes will be composed of 3-4 components maximum and always be going towards being fresh, healthy and based on natural flavours. The kitchen will focus on vegetables and be very seasonal and will offer a 4-course set menu and a vegetarian 4-course menu.

2-(Scoffier) Relae Restaurant will be your first restaurant. Can you describe the concept behind Relae?

CPuglisi- Restaurant Relæ is a gourmet restaurant in a non luxurious setting. The idea is the bring the guest as close to the kitchen as possible, get rid of what we feel unnecessary for the modern gourmet experience and give a high value for money dinner. We want to offer a “low-priced” dinner to have a faster and more dynamic ambiance in the restaurant. We want people to have fun while they are enjoying a dinner with creative ambitions.

3-(Scoffier) Do you have a flavour or taste from your childhood that is again memorable?

CPuglisi- Eggplant and tomatoes. The most defining raw produce of my childhood’s kitchen.

4-(Scoffier) Do you have a particular foods (or products) that you often use in your recipes?

CPuglisi- I really love olive oil and after years in the Nordic kitchen where it is obviously not allowed I really feel I have re-discovered it!

5-(Scoffier) Do you have a mentor (chefs or anybody else) that inspires you in your cuisine?

CPuglisi- That must be definetely René Redzepi and Ferran Adria. Both are courageous and willing to go their own way but very different in their approach to cooking. René use his talent and instinct and Ferran use science and intelligence.

6-(Scoffier) I know that you and your colleague Kim Rossen have work with René Redzepi. Do you are part of the New Nordic Cuisine manifesto? If yes, are you as strict (just local products) that Rene Redzepi in your recipes?

CPuglisi- I love the Nordic kitchen but I am not dogmatic in the way I cook. I am an Italian immigrant and not using olive oil, lemons and tomatoes would be like turning my back to my cultural heritage. The success of the Nordic kitchen comes from setting up some restrictions and appreciating what you have in your own back yard. It has created something special and I am very inspired by the lightness, freshness and acidity that Noma has put into Scandinavian cooking. But that doesn’t mean that I will follow the same geographic limitations.

Relae/©P-a. Jorgensen
7-(Scoffier) How do you develop (your inspiration) your recipes and construct your menu for Relae?

CPuglisi- I very much try and cook what I would like to eat. There is always one main element on a dish and 2-3 others to accentuate it, on contrast it or whatever the idea of the dish is. I very much try to involve all my staff, kitchen and not, into the creative process. I believe we all have some resources and I really want to use them all to the maximum. That’s why everyone is tasted and asked for an honest opinion whenever we try something new. It’s very inspiring but also hardcore, it’s impossible to make everybody happy...