Hanson Bay, Kangaroo lsland, 5223, Kangaroo lsland

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Eco-lodge en Australia

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Arquitecto: Max Pritchard

"Southern Ocean Lodge is being described as Australia's first "Super Lodge"; introducing Kangaroo Island to international visitors to appreciate the abundance of rare wildlife and stunning scenic beauty.

The architecture has a close relationship with the dramatic site. The Main Lodge is tucked back into forty metre high cliffs, with large sweeping
... window walls capturing the expansive views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine bush. A strong sculptural element is the two hundred metre long wall of Kangaroo Island Limestone weaving from a covered entrance, through the largely untouched bush and into the Main Lodge. It provides a textured backdrop to the finely detailed guest areas with recesses accommodating desks, seating and reception.

Twenty one guest suites cascade down the slope from the Main Lodge, with access from a Breezeway ramp. Roofs follow the slope of the land, but with a gentle upward, wave-like curve every fourth suite. The curves define the rainwater collection system with gutters extending out to galvanised iron rain water tanks - iconic symbols of dry rural Australia.

The Lodge is independent of mains services: rainwater is collected, electricity is generated on site and waste water is treated by a unique organic waste treatment system. Preservation of the surrounding vegetation was a high priority. The guest suites are constructed of light weight materials that could be carried in, minimising site disturbance. Foundations are steel screw piles, framing is timber, cladding is iron and fibre cement, and flooring is recycled timber and stone. "
Max Pritchard

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