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templo del ‘skate’ en madrid

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En la flagship store que VANS acaba de inaugurar en Madrid, podrás encontrar todas las colecciones de sus emblemáticas zapatillas, incluso las ediciones especiales realizadas con bandas de música o artistas, además de ropa y complementos, accesorios...

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En el local que ocupaba una antigua zapateria de amplísimos escaparates y dos plantas de altura se encuentra esta nueva tienda VANS. El negro preside el local que inyecta de nueva sabia a la calle Montera. El efecto Fuencarral se prolonga a través del nuevo paso de cebra en la Gran Vía

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Locating your flagship store on Calle Montera was always going to be considered a bold move by some, but Vans is one of those edgy brands that can easily get away with it. On a street more famous for its ladies of the night than for its stylish shops, the Vans Concept Store is a welcome breath of fresh air. The spacious interior is decorated in simple black and white, up-to-the-minute rock music plays out over the speakers and the uncluttered displays invite you in to browse and escape the madness of the streets outside.

There’s a whole host of merchandise on offer: t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, boxers, bags, skateboards and accessories. And of course, Vans shoes in every style and colour imaginable. From the sk8-hi to the checkerboard slip-on, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste here. Want them in pink and purple? With yellow laces? No problem. If you’re planning a serious sightseeing tour of Madrid then this is the place to get your feet kitted out with a pair of the most comfortable and stylish shoes around.

For more: mad24.es/?cat=Shopping&type=plus&id=20

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