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El Jardín Secreto

+34 915 41 80 23

Calle del Conde Duque 2 <m> Ventura Rodriguez 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Cine Doré

+34 913 69 11 25

Calle Santa Isabel, 3 <m> Antón Martín 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 163 personas

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Café Central

+34 913 69 41 43

Plaza del Ángel 10 <m> Tirso de Molina 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 120 personas

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My favourite place to eat in Madrid

Even though I have tried many places to eat in Madrid this old cafe is my favourite. It is right in the centre of Madrid and is only a 5 min walk away from Puerta del Sol, so you can just go there to have lunch after visiting some museums or after a shopping spree in Preciados.

Café Central is not usually known for its food but for the jazz concerts it has been hosting for years; The concerts take place every night after 10 p.m. so if you are a jazz fan be sure to go there one night and sit in a corner and sip a drink while you imagine that you're still in the 1920s, as the place is as atmospheric as it gets: it is an old cafe that is very well kept, it has giant windows and mirrors, the ceilings are high and there are comfy cushioned seats that transport you right back to another era.

Even though nights at the central cafe are fun I much prefer to go in at midday for lunch, when the place is much quieter and the sun that bathes the beautiful Plaza Santa Ana comes in through the windows. I love to sit next to them and watch people pass by. For me this place sums up life in Madrid: it is elegant and chic but it is also has an old fashioned charm.

The food is always DELICIOUS, they have a menu that is really cheap considering the kind of food that you get (it costs 11 Euros including bread, drink and dessert) and I really mean this, you can find all kinds of exquisite dishes that are more likely to be associated with french cousine than food you would expect to get in a cafe; the menu changes every day but you can find stuff that ranges from salads with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes to mushroom risotto or from salmon with couscous to spinach and cream filled crepes... for me the best thing is that there is ALWAYS a vegetarian option in the menu (a rare thing in a non-vegetarian restaurant in Madrid) which makes me love them even more, there is always a vegetarian starter and a vegetarian main course.. and the desserts are just fantastic, there are always couple of cakes that you can chose from and if you are lucky you will be able to try their chocolate mousse.

The best thing is that while you enjoy all of this you get to listen to Billie Holiday or Johnny Cash on the Stereo... what else can I say than I thoroughly recommend it!

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Café de Ruiz

+34 914 46 12 32

Calle de Ruiz 11 <m> San Bernardo 2 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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+34 915 59 29 39

Calle de las Conchas, 4 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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+44 871 971 6438

92 Berwick Street W1F 0 Londres, Reino Unido

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Vegeterian Buffet

simplegearl lo descubrió en marzo de 2008

This is my favourite restaurant in London, not only can you eat for under 10 quid but the food is absolutely delicious.

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Centro Médico Veterinario Delicias

+34 915 30 36 07

Calle de las Delicias 35 <m> Palos de la Frontera 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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