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Terry Raghunath
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Castell de Xàtiva

+34 934 58 34 18

Calle València 360 <m> Verdaguer L4 L5 Barcelona, Barcelona provincia, España

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Best paellas

I read about this place in a very small and unknown guide. You will notice that the venue is not the most spectacular (i.e. it is not next to the sea) but you will not be disappointed. Their specialty is of course rice dishes, which shows on their menu. There are several types of paellas on the menu, but three of them are truly spectacular: The first is called "arroz caldoso de bogavante". This is a soupy rice dish with lobster. The rice is cooked with the lobster in it, which is subsequently removed. You can chomp away at the lobster pieces and enjoy the rice afterwards. The next one is the traditional seafood paella. You can order this one with the seafood already peeled (I always forget what it is called Perelada or Parellada, or something like that), or if you prefer, the crustaceans still have their jacket on, and you can get stuck in with your fingers. Thirdly, is the vegetable paella, which is really amazing! One last thing about paellas. It is very difficult to find a restaurant that will make a paella for less than 2 people. Here in Arrocería Xátiva they serve individual paella, which means that you can taste different ones in the same sitting!!

Here, again, I would choose the white wine called Perelada. If you want to try a different one, however, there are two more that are worth it: One is the Torres Cabernet Sauvignon, or if you want to splash out a little more, there is a wine from Galicia (North West Spain) called Albariño, which tastes fantastic with seafood. A very good Albariño is called Terras Gauda, but there are less-expensive ones too. Don't miss the little shot glass-sized home made liquers they serve.

Call them in advance!!!!

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