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Crucina Restaurante

+34 914 45 33 64

Calle del Divino Pastor 30 <m> San Bernardo 2 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice raw vegan food

me gusta

The good: tasty food, carefully prepared and nicely presented; good juices; attentive and polite service who are eager to explain ideas and dishes and to get feedback (and who patiently accommodated a toddler); a quiet an spacious venue; no hurry.

The not-so-good: a bit pricey (but you have to consider the good quality, and the time and effort necessary to prepare such dishes); a bit slow (ditto); the waiter seemed to have difficulty either understanding or remembering our order (we ordered bread which never arrived, we ordered tap water but they served mineral water, we didn't order appetisers but they served a couple); portions are a bit too small perhaps.

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El Antoju

+34 910 39 88 53

Avenida Nuevo Mundo, 7-9 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid provincia, España

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Asturiano correcto

tripu lo descubrió en octubre de 2018

está OK

Cachopos de tamaño megalítico, sidra.

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Toma Jamón

+34 913 66 80 68

Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 2 <m> Ventura Rodriguez 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Vermouth and tapas

me gusta

Nice terrace, with plenty of shade and well air-conditioned in the summer, to have some quiet drinks. (The traffic isn't too bad, in spite of the "terraza" being so close to the road.)

A bit expensive -- but not so much considering average prices in this district...

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La Berenjena Madrid

Calle Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 34 <m> Cuatro Caminos 1 2 6 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Surprising and tasty "raciones", if a bit expensive

me gusta

All that we ordered was delicious, surprising and well presented.
Everything was slightly expensive, too. More so given the small size of portions.
This comes as a surprise, because on the outside the place looks like your regular inexpensive "terraza" (plastic tables and chairs, simple set-up, little ornament, etc).

Dessert: try the "tierra". Yummy and funny. But again: for one person; two people max (ie, it's small).

We ordered a few drinks (beer, vermouth, fizzy drinks) and five "raciones" or so to share, plus a couple "tierras". We paid ~€23 per person.

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+34 910 51 01 82

Calle José Ortega y Gasset 79 <m> Lista 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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+34 914 32 17 61

Plaza Marques de Salamanca, 9 <m> Núñez de Balboa 5 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Ginkgo Sky Bar

+34 915 95 55 12

Plaza de España, 5 (Hotel VP Plaza España) <m> Plaza de España 2 3 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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