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Casa Marcelo

+34 981 55 85 80

Rúa Hortas 1 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña provincia, España

guardado por 30 personas

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Wonderful gastronomic experience

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Lunch for four people:

• Two large bottles of water
• Three glasses of white wine
• Four large pieces of warm, freshly-baked bread
• A course of 6 × 2 dishes, to share (see photos)
• Two desserts to share (see photos)
• Four coffees

Total: ~€130, taxes included (ie, ~€32.50 pp).

Charming place, very well staffed.

Try to get seated in the back, at the long marble table that can accomodate eight people (you'll share it with strangers; that's fine); because then you'll be surrounded by the kitchens, worktops, ovens, and cooks and waiters will be swarming around you, in quick but quiet efficiency.

Trust your waiter: let him surprise you with an impromptu course of different dishes to share. I was initially a bit reluctant to be served like that, but the experience was definitely worth it. We tasted quite a few original dishes, then some desserts (see the photos), and the bill was perfectly reasonable -- more so considering the attentive service, and the long time we spent at the table.

Definitely recommended.

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+34 914 17 64 15

Avenida del Presidente Carmona 2 <m> Estrecho 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Well-deserved reputation

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Dining at Kabuki is a very pleasant experience: the space is simple and comfortable, and the staff is attentive without being intrusive. We had the best of Japanese food, with ingredients of high quality, plus the surprising touches of Mediterranean that have merited Kabuki it's well-deserved Michelin star.

Probably the best dish we had was the assorted cuts of toro (tuna): 4×4 impeccable slices of delicious tuna in varying degrees of fat. Nothing else. As tasty as simple.

Second could be the o-nigiri of quail eggs with truffle: an unsuspected mix that, all things said, has little to do with the Japanese tradition. Closer in flavour to a Spanish dish, with the warm, white rice and the tiny eggs. Extremely good, nonetheless: all three warm ingredients melted in our mouths at once; it was exquisite.

See the photos attached for details about our dinner.

We had all that you see on the photos, plus cold soba noodles as an appetiser, three beers (two Alhambra, one Asahi) and water. Total: €135. We were two people.

PS: don't ask for the "trilogía de nigiris" — it's not on the menu, that dish does not exist. It seems it used to be an internal name, which got popular somehow; but they're visibly tired of explaining that to everybody who asks. If you want to have exactly that, ask for these three o-nigiri: quail eggs with truffle, wagyū burgers and butter fish with truffle — which is what the "trilogía" used to be.

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Crucina Restaurante

+34 914 45 33 64

Calle del Divino Pastor 30 <m> San Bernardo 2 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice raw vegan food

me gusta

The good: tasty food, carefully prepared and nicely presented; good juices; attentive and polite service who are eager to explain ideas and dishes and to get feedback (and who patiently accommodated a toddler); a quiet an spacious venue; no hurry.

The not-so-good: a bit pricey (but you have to consider the good quality, and the time and effort necessary to prepare such dishes); a bit slow (ditto); the waiter seemed to have difficulty either understanding or remembering our order (we ordered bread which never arrived, we ordered tap water but they served mineral water, we didn't order appetisers but they served a couple); portions are a bit too small perhaps.

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Nippon 2

+34 915 31 88 05

Calle de la Reina 31 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Great Japanese restaurant

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Dinner for two at the sushi bar (where it's 40% off in some of the sushi dishes): a bottle of water, a cup of green tea, a bowl of miso soup, tuna tartare, a bit of beef shabu-shabu, assorted sushi (10 nigiri and 8 maki) and three extra pieces of sushi. (The discount applied to all the sushi we ordered). Total: ~€54.

Pleasant atmosphere (the place is spacious, but not noisy), roomy sushi bar, nice staff. All sushi was fresh and tasty. Ditto about the miso soup, and the shabu-shabu (which the itamae kindly offered to us as an offer: €2 per person). Perhaps the "worst" item was the tuna tartare: it was not bad, really; just okay, compared with the rest (it lacked some vinegar, to my taste).

It's a great sushi place in Madrid, with reasonable prices. I heard at least the itamae and one of the women attending tables and the sushi bar speaking Japanese; I guess they *are* Japanese. That is something, given how many "Japanese" restaurants in Spain are staffed entirely by Chinese, Thai, etc., and offer a subpar and strange mixture of Asian dishes...

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Restaurante Amazónico

+34 915 15 43 32

Calle de Jorge Juan, 20 <m> Velázquez 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice but expensive

me gusta

Nice venue (if a bit too noisy).
The menu is short, and portions are not large -- but the three dishes + dessert that we ordered were all convincing and quite original.
If anything, it's a bit too expensive for the amount and the quality of the food. Probably due to the fifty thousand cooks and waiters buzzing around (it's a good thing: they are reasonably fast, and there is always some staff at hand).

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Typical grill house

tripu lo descubrió en mayo de 2018

me gusta

I went for lunch with another person. We ordered water for two, a glass of wine, and three dishes: "morcilla" (blood sausage) from Burgos (typical dish of the region); "menestra de verduras" (vegetable stew, a speciality of this restaurant); and the main dish, "cordero lechal" (suckling lamb), also for two people.

Everything was tasty and well prepared. The meat was very good. Portions were perfect for us (but left us 100% satisfied, so we could not order any desserts). Our waiter was nice and parsimonious. The atmosphere is cosy, relaxed, very quiet. Service was slow, though: we had to stand up and look for the waiter (who was working as the hotel concierge at the same time) to order the bill...

Don't go if you're in a hurry -- or if you're a vegetarian! (if you don't eat meat, there'll be *something* for you, but you'll miss all the best dishes they have).

The bill was € 63, taxes included.

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Levél Veggie Bistro

+34 911 27 57 52

Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo 61 <m> Ibiza 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Raw vegan can be delicious

me gusta

The place has been open for just two years now, and it shows (in a positive sense): the venue is spacious, quiet and clean -- including the toilets. Simplicity reigns everywhere, from the furniture to the decoration to the design of the menu.

Staff were very nice and attentive. The food was presented meticulously. It can take a while to be prepared/served, though -- don't go if you're in a hurry.

There are a few appetisers, and a few main courses. Many of them, quite surprising and original, judging by their descriptions in the menu. Everything we ate was quite tasty. Surprising for us to have cold skewers and cold "lasagna". Not all dishes are raw vegan (half of them are just "regular vegan"). On the negative side, the menu is quite short (I guess when you are so limited, it's difficult to develop a whole varied menu...).

We were full after two half appetisers and two main dishes, and a couple drinks (see photo); so, no room for desserts :( Pity, because they sounded like fun, too.

Positively surprising, in whole.

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Tuk Tuk

+34 917 64 76 94

Avenida del General Perón 16 <m> Estrecho 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Unexpensive Thai with generous portions

está OK

Good Thai food, at very affordable prices. Nothing fancy.

Dishes like the "pad thai" sometimes are good, other times not so much. We have ordered them at least three times, at different branches of Tuk Tuk in Madrid, and the results aren't consistent. When we enquired the waiter one of those times, he came out with some very confusing excuses about the ingredients and whatnot. He was not convincing at all. Truth is, quality seems to depend a lot on the cook of the day and the freshness of ingredients...

Apart from that caveat, we like Tuk Tuk.

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Cafetería Tres Olivos

+34 917 34 09 57

Avenida Campo de Calatrava, 17 <m> Tres Olivos 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Buena tortilla de patatas, horchata casera

me gusta

Una tortilla de patatas bien hecha (o sea, *poco* hecha), por 3'50 € el pincho pequeño o ~5'50 € la porción más grande. Horchata casera rica. Eso fue lo que probamos ayer.

El camarero, muy solícito y dicharachero, nos habló de otras especialidades de la casa, como el plato de seis croquetas y el salmorejo.

Al parecer, los sábados a partir de las 13:00 hay barra de pintxos. A juzgar por las fotos que vimos y las explicaciones del camarero, debe ser un espectáculo: setenta y tantos pintxos distintos, ocupando toda la barra. Iremos a probarlos.

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+34 917 34 38 26

Carretera Fuencarral - El Pardo (M-612) Km.1,9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Beautiful place and great food ...for omnivores

me gusta

The good:
The venue is spacious and beautiful, nice decoration and plenty of space between tables to feel relaxed and comfy; sitting outside is also very pleasant (gardens and courtyards), the food is tasty and of quality, and is prepared with attention and good taste; own parking lot with valet service; staff is nice, too; price is commensurate with all the above (dinner for two, without any alcohol, without any dessert: ~€70).

The bad:
The location is not convenient to anyone (outside the city, close to nothing); parking is difficult if you book a late hour, when the parking lot is complete, and one must park outside, on a hard shoulder; service is not fast; and finally: there are literally five vegetarian dishes on the menu, and three vegan dishes only.

I liked it generally, and would love to come back -- if not because I would be forced to eat exactly the same dishes again! I'm giving it four stars "only" mostly because of the short list of items available to vegetarians/vegans like me.

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