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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
Based in Madrid, Spain.


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La Oveja Negra

Calle de Buenavista, 42 <m> Lavapiés 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Too bad that this vegan isn't better

no me gusta

I should love a vegan like this. But:

• They were slow taking our order, and serving the food. We were there early, before almost anybody else, and yet we had to call the waitress' attention to order. Then, we were served even after other people who arrived later.

• We had to ask for paper napkins. They forgot about that.

• The cheese platter wasn't great. (Although I'm not sure how good vegan cheese can be nowadays; perhaps that was in fact a "good" cheese platter).

• The other food was OK, but not remarkable.

• The place is full of radical leftist paraphernalia, in the form of paintings, stickers available to pick for free, and even in the menu entries: "smash the patriarchy", "male tears", calls to freeing "all animals in the world", and other misandric, anti-capitalist, anarchist, radical-vegan messages. I don't like to eat at a place where my mere being a man is frowned upon, or my moments of sadness are celebrated (not even in ironic ways), or that advocates the annihilation of the capitalist society we all live in (the same capitalist society which makes possible the very existence of this restaurant in the first place!). So, I'll leave the business for other types to attend, thank you.

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Shukran Casa Árabe

+34 912 50 12 12

Calle Alcalá, 62 <m> Príncipe de Vergara 2 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice place, bad food

no me gusta

Not good. The patio is beautiful, and the location is handy. But food wasn't great. For instance, fried potatoes accompanying one of the main dishes were dry and cold, as if they had been left done for a while. The rest was okay, but we detected certain flavours that didn't spell "fresh" nor "artisan"... We ordered assorted sweet pastries for dessert (think baclava and similar) and they were tasty, but tiny.

Someone told us that they don't have a proper kitchen outside, but that food is brought from either a kitchen inside the main building, or pre-made somewhere, then heated outside... We don't know for sure. But that would not be surprising, given what we ate...

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- cerrado

Calle Santa Teresa,2 <m> Alonso Martínez 4 5 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Uncomfortable, pretentious, expensive

no me gusta

I visited it with a couple friends on a Friday night. We were looking for a place to have a drink and eat a bit (tapas, or a ración to share; something simple like that).

We were seated in the dining room, which was a bit too dark. The lamps hanging from the ceiling were too low, though — so the effect was that you felt the light in your face and in your eyes a bit too much. The table and chairs were not really comfortable, and there wasn't much space in the room, either. The mats are plastic mats, they felt awkward, and the dishes and glasses stuck to it a bit.

The menu was short, and, iirc, did not include desserts. All dishes seemed kind of extravagant and whimsical (weird mixture of cuisines and ingredients). We ordered just two or three things to share (ceviche, something with boletus).

The food was good and tasty, but portions were too small.

Bocacalle seems okay-ish to try a a few new things with friends, but a bit expensive. If you want to have a meal and be full, you'll have to order one or two dishes per person, and it won't be cheap.

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