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+81 997-62-2385

835 Ashitoku Tatsugo, Japón

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Cute restaurant with great sea views

tripu lo descubrió en julio de 2017

me gusta

Nice little restaurant perched a few metres above a cliff. The venue and the food are good, but not anything special. The remote location, the views of the coast and the summer breeze are very pleasant, though.

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Aburabōzu (油坊主)

+81 3-5430-8282

2-6-2 Taishidō, Setagaya Tokio, Japón

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Unpretentious place, excellent ramen

tripu lo descubrió en mayo de 2017

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Tiny joint in Sangen-jaya, Setagaya; nothing remarkable about it from the outside. The inside is just a very narrow corridor with a bar on one side and eight stools very close to each other. Managed by one guy alone, who cooks rāmen in front of customers. Mostly "salarymen" having dinner alone, sometimes a couple, or two students. Nothing fancy, patrons enter and leave quickly; it would be weird to order a second round of drinks and stay for more than is necessary to slurp your rāmen.

Delicious rāmen in a few varieties: white, with broth, with tomato. The latter are my favourite. Perfect consistency, delicious pork, very tasty sauce. The cook is a young bloke, kind but discrete.

Buy the ticket from the vending machine right after the entrance, and hand it to the cook/waiter. If you are very hungry, order a large one; otherwise a regular size will do. Served with a complimentary little bowl of soup.

After a year and a half visiting the place, its opening hours are still a mystery to me. Better to call beforehand (especially since there's nothing touristy in the area, and it's unlikely you'll find yourself wandering around this part of Sangen-jaya, if not to have dinner here; Shibuya isn't too far by bus/underground, though).

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