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Ramen Kagura

+34 915 48 36 06

Calle de las fuentes 1 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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está OK

We sat at the bar along one of the walls, and ordered chicken and vegetable gyozas (5), small tuna maki-sushi (6), cold noodles with some tempura, and tap water. The menu is somewhat limited. The food we ate was acceptable, but we got the impression that in warmer seasons, when one does not enjoy hot ramen so much, these places don't have much good to offer...

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Tripu, he encontrado la bebida a la que haces referencia. Se llama Chu-Hi, y es una bebida que corresponde con tu descripción.


Venden por ejemplo en Yokaloka

3 de octubre de 2017


+34 910 41 16 46

Plaza de Herradores, 7 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Inexpensive and convincing

está OK

(We went in Oct 2017)

Not bad. Similar to what one can get at a Japanese ramen bar, plus some "izakaya" dishes.

We ordered takoyaki, gyoza and ramen with truffle.

The takoyaki weren't great. The dough was more similar to Spanish "croquetas". Takoyaki is better in Hattori Hanzo ( 11870.com/pro/hattori-hanzo/tripu ).

The gyozas were good. A bit burnt... but then, that's how you often get them in Japan, anyway.

The ramen (the flagship dish) were good. Probably the best we've tasted in Madrid (which is not a huge compliment, anyway). The slice of pork is too thick, and the broth isn't as tasty as the real thing you get in Japan. But still good. The truffle touch, we did not get. It's a weird flavour in ramen. We would have ordered a "standard" ramen, but could not find any on the menu...

Total: 6 gyozas, 6 takoyaki, 2 small truffle ramen (100 g), one bottle of water, one can of shochu (alcoholic refreshment made with some fruit a bit of vodka). €26. Good value for the (low) price.

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+34 916 22 63 74

Calle Flor Baja ,5 <m> Plaza de España 2 3 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nippon 2

+34 915 31 88 05

Calle de la Reina 31 <m> Sevilla 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Great Japanese restaurant

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Dinner for two at the sushi bar (where it's 40% off in some of the sushi dishes): a bottle of water, a cup of green tea, a bowl of miso soup, tuna tartare, a bit of beef shabu-shabu, assorted sushi (10 nigiri and 8 maki) and three extra pieces of sushi. (The discount applied to all the sushi we ordered). Total: ~€54.

Pleasant atmosphere (the place is spacious, but not noisy), roomy sushi bar, nice staff. All sushi was fresh and tasty. Ditto about the miso soup, and the shabu-shabu (which the itamae kindly offered to us as an offer: €2 per person). Perhaps the "worst" item was the tuna tartare: it was not bad, really; just okay, compared with the rest (it lacked some vinegar, to my taste).

It's a great sushi place in Madrid, with reasonable prices. I heard at least the itamae and one of the women attending tables and the sushi bar speaking Japanese; I guess they *are* Japanese. That is something, given how many "Japanese" restaurants in Spain are staffed entirely by Chinese, Thai, etc., and offer a subpar and strange mixture of Asian dishes...

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+34 914 17 64 15

Avenida del Presidente Carmona 2 <m> Estrecho 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Well-deserved reputation

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Dining at Kabuki is a very pleasant experience: the space is simple and comfortable, and the staff is attentive without being intrusive. We had the best of Japanese food, with ingredients of high quality, plus the surprising touches of Mediterranean that have merited Kabuki it's well-deserved Michelin star.

Probably the best dish we had was the assorted cuts of toro (tuna): 4×4 impeccable slices of delicious tuna in varying degrees of fat. Nothing else. As tasty as simple.

Second could be the o-nigiri of quail eggs with truffle: an unsuspected mix that, all things said, has little to do with the Japanese tradition. Closer in flavour to a Spanish dish, with the warm, white rice and the tiny eggs. Extremely good, nonetheless: all three warm ingredients melted in our mouths at once; it was exquisite.

See the photos attached for details about our dinner.

We had all that you see on the photos, plus cold soba noodles as an appetiser, three beers (two Alhambra, one Asahi) and water. Total: €135. We were two people.

PS: don't ask for the "trilogía de nigiris" — it's not on the menu, that dish does not exist. It seems it used to be an internal name, which got popular somehow; but they're visibly tired of explaining that to everybody who asks. If you want to have exactly that, ask for these three o-nigiri: quail eggs with truffle, wagyū burgers and butter fish with truffle — which is what the "trilogía" used to be.

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Cortezo Yatai Market

+34 911 38 41 13

Calle del Dr. Cortezo, 10 <m> Tirso de Molina 1 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Not bad

está OK

We tried "pad thai" and a "bao", ordered at the first stall from the entrance, left-hand side.

It was okay. The pad thai wasn't good; rather mediocre. We liked the bao better.

Not sure about the other joints... We still gotta try the ramen bar, and a few other.

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La Pagoda

+34 913 45 40 47

Calle Felix Boix, 7 <m> Plaza de Castilla 1 9 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Acceptable Asian "fusion"

está OK

Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese... a bit of all that, remixed for Western palates.

Nothing too fancy: the usual suspects (bao, sushi, wagyu, ramen, gyozas, pad thai) in a format suitable for all audiences.

"Standard" prices, too.

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Hattori Hanzo

+34 917 86 57 80

Calle Mesonero Romanos,17 <m> Callao 3 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Relatively decent imitation of an "izakaya", limited menu of acceptable typical dishes

me gusta

Very few Japanese dishes, one variant of each: okonomiyaki, ramen, takoyaki, gyoza, bao, kara-age... A bit expensive, and portions are small. But flavours and the presentation of the dishes are quite good, quite close to what you'd see in Japan. Except for the "Tokyo ramen", which was poor (not as rich in flavour and nourishing as the "real" thing), the rest of "appetisers", and the okonomiyaki, were good.

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+81 997-62-2385

835 Ashitoku Tatsugo, Japón

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Cute restaurant with great sea views

tripu lo descubrió en julio de 2017

me gusta

Nice little restaurant perched a few metres above a cliff. The venue and the food are good, but not anything special. The remote location, the views of the coast and the summer breeze are very pleasant, though.

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Aburabōzu (油坊主)

+81 3-5430-8282

2-6-2 Taishidō, Setagaya Tokio, Japón

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Unpretentious place, excellent ramen

tripu lo descubrió en mayo de 2017

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Tiny joint in Sangen-jaya, Setagaya; nothing remarkable about it from the outside. The inside is just a very narrow corridor with a bar on one side and eight stools very close to each other. Managed by one guy alone, who cooks rāmen in front of customers. Mostly "salarymen" having dinner alone, sometimes a couple, or two students. Nothing fancy, patrons enter and leave quickly; it would be weird to order a second round of drinks and stay for more than is necessary to slurp your rāmen.

Delicious rāmen in a few varieties: white, with broth, with tomato. The latter are my favourite. Perfect consistency, delicious pork, very tasty sauce. The cook is a young bloke, kind but discrete.

Buy the ticket from the vending machine right after the entrance, and hand it to the cook/waiter. If you are very hungry, order a large one; otherwise a regular size will do. Served with a complimentary little bowl of soup.

After a year and a half visiting the place, its opening hours are still a mystery to me. Better to call beforehand (especially since there's nothing touristy in the area, and it's unlikely you'll find yourself wandering around this part of Sangen-jaya, if not to have dinner here; Shibuya isn't too far by bus/underground, though).

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