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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
Based in Madrid, Spain.


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La Berenjena Madrid

Calle Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 34 <m> Cuatro Caminos 1 2 6 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Surprising and tasty "raciones", if a bit expensive

me gusta

All that we ordered was delicious, surprising and well presented.
Everything was slightly expensive, too. More so given the small size of portions.
This comes as a surprise, because on the outside the place looks like your regular inexpensive "terraza" (plastic tables and chairs, simple set-up, little ornament, etc).

Dessert: try the "tierra". Yummy and funny. But again: for one person; two people max (ie, it's small).

We ordered a few drinks (beer, vermouth, fizzy drinks) and five "raciones" or so to share, plus a couple "tierras". We paid ~€23 per person.

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Tinta fina

+34 958 10 00 41

Calle Angel Ganivet 6 Granada, Granada provincia, España

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me gusta

We sat outside and ordered beers and two or three "raciones". Service is good. The interior is original and pleasant. The street doesn't have heavy traffic, so outside it's nice. The arcades provide shade during the day.

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+34 913 67 83 17

Calle de Alcalá 337 <m> Quintana 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Decent tapas and raciones

está OK

...but not so-well-deserved popularity for "patatas bravas": the spicy sauce is very tasty, but the potatoes themselves are not well cooked, they are too pale and their flavour too bland.

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Taberna Las Botas

+34 913 09 03 06

Calle Ayala 99 <m> Manuel Becerra 2 6 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Quite good typical Spanish food and tapas

me gusta

We were a large group (fifteen adults and two toddlers). We met up for (informal) lunch on a Sunday, and stayed for quite some time (we had long table talk).

We shared a number of "raciones": "pulpo", "chipirones", "croquetas" (some of them, made of "rabo de toro"!), some cheese and cold cuts, etc. Everything was quite good. Being a "typical Spanish" place, I feared poor quality and high prices (read: a tourist trap), but we had all that, plus a few bottles of wine, beers, water, coffee and a few desserts, for ~€20 each.

"Raciones" were not large, but the quality was good; everything seemed fresh and well prepared.

Recommended! (I hear there are a couple other "branches" in other locations in Madrid.)

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