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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
Based in Madrid, Spain.


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Crucina Restaurante

+34 914 45 33 64

Calle del Divino Pastor 30 <m> San Bernardo 2 4 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice raw vegan food

me gusta

The good: tasty food, carefully prepared and nicely presented; good juices; attentive and polite service who are eager to explain ideas and dishes and to get feedback (and who patiently accommodated a toddler); a quiet an spacious venue; no hurry.

The not-so-good: a bit pricey (but you have to consider the good quality, and the time and effort necessary to prepare such dishes); a bit slow (ditto); the waiter seemed to have difficulty either understanding or remembering our order (we ordered bread which never arrived, we ordered tap water but they served mineral water, we didn't order appetisers but they served a couple); portions are a bit too small perhaps.

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Levél Veggie Bistro

+34 911 27 57 52

Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo 61 <m> Ibiza 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Raw vegan can be delicious

me gusta

The place has been open for just two years now, and it shows (in a positive sense): the venue is spacious, quiet and clean -- including the toilets. Simplicity reigns everywhere, from the furniture to the decoration to the design of the menu.

Staff were very nice and attentive. The food was presented meticulously. It can take a while to be prepared/served, though -- don't go if you're in a hurry.

There are a few appetisers, and a few main courses. Many of them, quite surprising and original, judging by their descriptions in the menu. Everything we ate was quite tasty. Surprising for us to have cold skewers and cold "lasagna". Not all dishes are raw vegan (half of them are just "regular vegan"). On the negative side, the menu is quite short (I guess when you are so limited, it's difficult to develop a whole varied menu...).

We were full after two half appetisers and two main dishes, and a couple drinks (see photo); so, no room for desserts :( Pity, because they sounded like fun, too.

Positively surprising, in whole.

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