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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
Based in Madrid, Spain.


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La Oveja Negra

Calle de Buenavista, 42 <m> Lavapiés 3 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Too bad that this vegan isn't better

no me gusta

I should love a vegan like this. But:

• They were slow taking our order, and serving the food. We were there early, before almost anybody else, and yet we had to call the waitress' attention to order. Then, we were served even after other people who arrived later.

• We had to ask for paper napkins. They forgot about that.

• The cheese platter wasn't great. (Although I'm not sure how good vegan cheese can be nowadays; perhaps that was in fact a "good" cheese platter).

• The other food was OK, but not remarkable.

• The place is full of radical leftist paraphernalia, in the form of paintings, stickers available to pick for free, and even in the menu entries: "smash the patriarchy", "male tears", calls to freeing "all animals in the world", and other misandric, anti-capitalist, anarchist, radical-vegan messages. I don't like to eat at a place where my mere being a man is frowned upon, or my moments of sadness are celebrated (not even in ironic ways), or that advocates the annihilation of the capitalist society we all live in (the same capitalist society which makes possible the very existence of this restaurant in the first place!). So, I'll leave the business for other types to attend, thank you.

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+34 917 34 38 26

Carretera Fuencarral - El Pardo (M-612) Km.1,9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Beautiful place and great food ...for omnivores

me gusta

The good:
The venue is spacious and beautiful, nice decoration and plenty of space between tables to feel relaxed and comfy; sitting outside is also very pleasant (gardens and courtyards), the food is tasty and of quality, and is prepared with attention and good taste; own parking lot with valet service; staff is nice, too; price is commensurate with all the above (dinner for two, without any alcohol, without any dessert: ~€70).

The bad:
The location is not convenient to anyone (outside the city, close to nothing); parking is difficult if you book a late hour, when the parking lot is complete, and one must park outside, on a hard shoulder; service is not fast; and finally: there are literally five vegetarian dishes on the menu, and three vegan dishes only.

I liked it generally, and would love to come back -- if not because I would be forced to eat exactly the same dishes again! I'm giving it four stars "only" mostly because of the short list of items available to vegetarians/vegans like me.

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El Estragón Vegetariano

+34 913 65 89 82

Plaza de la Paja 10 <m> La Latina 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Unpretentious, effective vegetarian

me gusta

With a good variety of dishes, generous portions, and very nice staff.

We were seven people, and we ordered as many dishes (everything to share). Plus a couple rounds of drinks, and three desserts to share. Total: € 21 per person.

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+34 917 37 77 75

Calle Eloy Gonzalo 10 <m> Quevedo 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 70 personas

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La Barra de Pelotari

+34 914 27 02 17

Calle Palas de Rey, 38 <m> Las Tablas 10 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

guardado por 17 personas

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