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Casa Marcelo

+34 981 55 85 80

Rúa Hortas 1 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña provincia, España

guardado por 29 personas

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Wonderful gastronomic experience

me encanta, uno de mis favoritos

Lunch for four people:

• Two large bottles of water
• Three glasses of white wine
• Four large pieces of warm, freshly-baked bread
• A course of 6 × 2 dishes, to share (see photos)
• Two desserts to share (see photos)
• Four coffees

Total: ~€130, taxes included (ie, ~€32.50 pp).

Charming place, very well staffed.

Try to get seated in the back, at the long marble table that can accomodate eight people (you'll share it with strangers; that's fine); because then you'll be surrounded by the kitchens, worktops, ovens, and cooks and waiters will be swarming around you, in quick but quiet efficiency.

Trust your waiter: let him surprise you with an impromptu course of different dishes to share. I was initially a bit reluctant to be served like that, but the experience was definitely worth it. We tasted quite a few original dishes, then some desserts (see the photos), and the bill was perfectly reasonable -- more so considering the attentive service, and the long time we spent at the table.

Definitely recommended.

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