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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
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Tinta fina

+34 958 10 00 41

Calle Angel Ganivet 6 Granada, Granada provincia, España

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me gusta

We sat outside and ordered beers and two or three "raciones". Service is good. The interior is original and pleasant. The street doesn't have heavy traffic, so outside it's nice. The arcades provide shade during the day.

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Casa Juanillo

+34 958 22 30 94

Camino Sacromonte 81 Granada, Granada provincia, España

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Inexpensive typical Andalusian food

me gusta

Order "papas a lo pobre", and other dishes that are typical from the Alpujarras.

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Bodegas Castañeda

+34 958 21 54 64

Calle de Almireceros 3 Granada, Granada provincia, España

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Ramen Kagura

+34 915 48 36 06

Calle de las fuentes 1 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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está OK

We sat at the bar along one of the walls, and ordered chicken and vegetable gyozas (5), small tuna maki-sushi (6), cold noodles with some tempura, and tap water. The menu is somewhat limited. The food we ate was acceptable, but we got the impression that in warmer seasons, when one does not enjoy hot ramen so much, these places don't have much good to offer...

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Tripu, he encontrado la bebida a la que haces referencia. Se llama Chu-Hi, y es una bebida que corresponde con tu descripción.


Venden por ejemplo en Yokaloka

3 de octubre de 2017


+34 910 41 16 46

Plaza de Herradores, 7 <m> Ópera 2 5 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Inexpensive and convincing

está OK

(We went in Oct 2017)

Not bad. Similar to what one can get at a Japanese ramen bar, plus some "izakaya" dishes.

We ordered takoyaki, gyoza and ramen with truffle.

The takoyaki weren't great. The dough was more similar to Spanish "croquetas". Takoyaki is better in Hattori Hanzo ( 11870.com/pro/hattori-hanzo/tripu ).

The gyozas were good. A bit burnt... but then, that's how you often get them in Japan, anyway.

The ramen (the flagship dish) were good. Probably the best we've tasted in Madrid (which is not a huge compliment, anyway). The slice of pork is too thick, and the broth isn't as tasty as the real thing you get in Japan. But still good. The truffle touch, we did not get. It's a weird flavour in ramen. We would have ordered a "standard" ramen, but could not find any on the menu...

Total: 6 gyozas, 6 takoyaki, 2 small truffle ramen (100 g), one bottle of water, one can of shochu (alcoholic refreshment made with some fruit a bit of vodka). €26. Good value for the (low) price.

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Shukran Casa Árabe

+34 912 50 12 12

Calle Alcalá, 62 <m> Príncipe de Vergara 2 9 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Nice place, bad food

no me gusta

Not good. The patio is beautiful, and the location is handy. But food wasn't great. For instance, fried potatoes accompanying one of the main dishes were dry and cold, as if they had been left done for a while. The rest was okay, but we detected certain flavours that didn't spell "fresh" nor "artisan"... We ordered assorted sweet pastries for dessert (think baclava and similar) and they were tasty, but tiny.

Someone told us that they don't have a proper kitchen outside, but that food is brought from either a kitchen inside the main building, or pre-made somewhere, then heated outside... We don't know for sure. But that would not be surprising, given what we ate...

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Typical grill house

tripu lo descubrió en mayo de 2018

me gusta

I went for lunch with another person. We ordered water for two, a glass of wine, and three dishes: "morcilla" (blood sausage) from Burgos (typical dish of the region); "menestra de verduras" (vegetable stew, a speciality of this restaurant); and the main dish, "cordero lechal" (suckling lamb), also for two people.

Everything was tasty and well prepared. The meat was very good. Portions were perfect for us (but left us 100% satisfied, so we could not order any desserts). Our waiter was nice and parsimonious. The atmosphere is cosy, relaxed, very quiet. Service was slow, though: we had to stand up and look for the waiter (who was working as the hotel concierge at the same time) to order the bill...

Don't go if you're in a hurry -- or if you're a vegetarian! (if you don't eat meat, there'll be *something* for you, but you'll miss all the best dishes they have).

The bill was € 63, taxes included.

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La Taberna del Kiosco

+34 975 18 78 33

Alameda de Cervantes s/n Soria, Soria provincia, España

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