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Male, 36, Spaniard, atheist, liberal.
Software engineer.
Based in Madrid, Spain.


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+34 672 55 71 71

Calle de Alcalá 42 <m> Banco de España 2 Madrid, Madrid provincia, España

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Beautiful location; okay food

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I don't remember what we ate, which is a sign. I do remember, however, strolling at least twice around the rooftop with my friends. Which is a sign, too.

We sat at the table before dusk, and stayed well after it got dark.

Take with you someone you love.

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+81 997-62-2385

835 Ashitoku Tatsugo, Japón

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Cute restaurant with great sea views

tripu lo descubrió en julio de 2017

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Nice little restaurant perched a few metres above a cliff. The venue and the food are good, but not anything special. The remote location, the views of the coast and the summer breeze are very pleasant, though.

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