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Sam Adams Brewery

+1 617-522-9080

30 Germania St, Jamaca Plains Boston, Estados Unidos

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Great Experience

XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

Sam Adams is the premier local beer in the Boston area. While the building is very hard to locate (it would be best to ask someone if you get lost.) once you get there the whole experience is very enjoyable.

The tour is rather short, but they show you all of the original ingredients to the Boston Lager, even allowing you to taste them. There's a quick walk to see the various parts of the brewing process. The last part of the tour is beer tasting, which is by far the best part of the tour. This isn't just a beer tasting session, the tour guide explains in detail all of the different parts of the beer, how it should be properly enjoyed, and about other beers that are offered. They pass out pitchers and explain the specifics about each beer. They always give out the Boston Lager, and the seasonal ale. The third beer is different, and while I have been to the brewery a few times, I haven't gotten the same final beer twice. Also, the tour is free. There is a suggested donation of $2 which benefits local charities.

I would advise taking the 1:00pm tour, which allows you to swing by the Harpoon brewery around 4:00pm for their tasting session.


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