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+1 617-523-4480

190 North Street Boston, Estados Unidos

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Overpriced and Average

XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

The food here was rather overpriced, especially considering the portions that were served. The food wasn't anything special, especially from one of the higher end restaurants in the North End. However, once I received my food, I was rather disappointed in the meager portions. All in all, I felt that while I had a decent meal, I would have rather spent my money at a different restaurant.

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Mike's Pastries

+1 617-742-3050

300 Hanover Street Boston, Estados Unidos

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A Boston Must See!

XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

Mike's Pastries is one of the famous "mom-and-pop" restaurants of Boston. Located in the North End of Boston, this dessert parlor will have a line out the door (It doesn't take long to wait though) even on the weekdays. Walking through the city around dinnertime, there were be people carrying boxes of their pastries in easily recognizable boxes.

If you visit, be sure to eat some of their cannolis. They make the perfect after dinner dessert, and are cheaper than most desserts that can be found at restaurants. While the store can be filled with people and rather busy, the sidewalk outside is a much more laid back setting.

If you are in the North End for dinner, I would highly recommend coming by Mike's Pastries for the perfect light dessert.

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Pizzeria Regina

+1 617-227-0765

11 Thacher Court Boston, Estados Unidos

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Hands Down Best Pizza Ever

XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

Pizzeria Regina may be a small, hole-in-the wall, place located in Boston's North End, but they are by far and away the best pizza in Boston. On weekends the line can stretch halfway down the block, but it is well worth it.

While the waitstaff may be some of the worst that you will experience, they give you what you want; pizza. The waitresses are cross, rather hostile, and at times bordering on rude. HOWEVER, this is simply the best pizza in Boston, and in my opinion, the best I have ever had. This pizza is heaven. The pizza is baked in brick ovens. People don't generally linger at the restaurant, seeing as they only serve pizza and drinks, but no trip to Boston is complete without a trip to Pizzeria Regina. And in regards to the actual pizza, the cheese pizza is perfect. The less toppings the better.

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