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+1 617-523-4480

190 North Street Boston, Estados Unidos

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Overpriced and Average

XCRobin lo descubrió en julio de 2009

The food here was rather overpriced, especially considering the portions that were served. The food wasn't anything special, especially from one of the higher end restaurants in the North End. However, once I received my food, I was rather disappointed in the meager portions. All in all, I felt that while I had a decent meal, I would have rather spent my money at a different restaurant.

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Quincy Market

4 South Market Building Boston, Estados Unidos

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Boston Classic

Quincy Marketplace is one of the more downtown locations to eat in the city. The building itself is from the 1820's (if I remember correctly), which is now holds many small businesses which offer a wide variety of food. You can grab some food and sit outside on the many park benches and enjoy the street performers or you can find a bench inside the Hall itself and sit down. If you can't find a seat downstairs, be sure to check upstairs, as there are usually a few open tables.

The best day of the week to visit is Saturday or Sunday. Children and adults alike will enjoy a meal here. Enjoy!

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